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  1. Hi,
    I am thinking about using LED for my grow, I am only going to grow one small plant but I don't know how much I need for my grow box. The dimensions are 24x14x14  that is height, width and depth. I have attached some pictures below.
    I really don't have much space and this is my main reason for using LED but if u can suggest an alternative way to use cfls so that it doesn't use much space then please tell me, or just tell me what you think is the best way to use lights in my box.


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    Sorry this is a silly question I just looked at the price of LED lighting and it is expensive but never mind. I didn't realise this but looks like its going to be the cfls bulbs.
  3. I was interested in this as I've got almost exactly the same space and feel confident enough to build my own led array. I'm getting confused as to which colour temp I need (was looking at Cree/lumileds or ledengin) 3watt bulbs. I've looked at 3000k 5000k & 6500k but not sure on the ratio's. all the bulbs are 1 amp but was thinking of running them at 700ma. Am I on the right lines here or am I completely wrong about it all? any and all info very much appreciated. I've been researching for weeks and feel like I'm running round in circles....

    thank you all

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  4. no replies? I thought at least 1 person would have some advice for a new grower.... looks like I'll have to try one of the friendlier more helpful forums....

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  5. 6500 for veg
    3000 for bloom

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