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how much kif from a half ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Im Lebby, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. I'm picking up a half (of dank) and going to new york this weekend with a friend and I just got a grinder with a kif catcher so how much kif do you think I will get from grinding an entire half? I was hoping enough for a kif bowl to wake and bake with the last morning :bongin: And I know everybody is going to say oh there are to many factors just somebody with experience ballpark for me.
  2. What kind of grinder is it? How much did you spend?

    If it's a high end grinder (50 - 60 dollar space case, for example) you can probably expect maybe enough to take a couple hits of straight kief... probably better off to top some nug with it though.

    Also depends on your bud, obvi.
  3. ~10% of the amount of bud is my best ball park guess, but yeah nobody can know for sure. So if you have a half 1.4 if you're lucky. Get a kief box if you really want good, pure kief though.

  4. You're way off. 1.4 grams of kief from a half ounce? No way, buddy.
  5. ~ this symbol means approximately...and I said 1.4 IF HE'S LUCKY. He could end up with .2 for all I know, or maybe his bud is dry as shit.
  6. lol I know what ~ means.
  7. If you really want to get some keif.... use a coffee grinder
  8. #9 Marrijane420, Jul 28, 2012
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    If you're interested in getting a lot of kief, invest in a kief box. With a grinder, it really depends on the screens used by the manufacture:smoke:

    BTW, I can't really even guesstimate on how much kief you will get, some grinders produce several bowls from a half, but i've put ounces through this one buster.. was only like 3 solid bowls. Again, depends on the screen lol
  9. You should get a little over a gram.

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