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How much kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by piffcity09, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. How much kief should I need to get decently high? I have a lil bit and i'm all out of bud :( My tolerance isn't too high either. :smoking:
  2. Idk never smoked kief its best to load a bowl of bud and sprinkle kief on top. but sence u dont have bud..i recomend maybe waiting till u get more bud for more kief..or use qa one hitter and hold the hit.
  3. Ye man I think i'll just wait.
  4. Woah i couldnt resist and i had a pinch of kief and it has fucked me the fuck up!!!!
  5. Since your tolerance isn't to high one nice hit of kif should have you feeling special, two and you'll be set.
  6. lmfao right on.
  7. heres how i do it,

    the bottle toke,
    take the keif, and press it into a square, you can but it in a paper, and squeeze the paper together, so it presses into a square, light up a cigarette, but the keif on the tip, and put the cig into a bottle with a hole in the side(for the cig) and with the cap on so the bottle fills with smoke, then suck it in when all the keif has burned,

    or just put it in a bowl :smoke::smoke:
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    How much would you guys consider alot of kief? I recently got a grinder w/ kief catcher and I think I have a lot for a kief blunt but Im not really sure since I never had my own catcher. How much kief would you weigh in a kief blunt usually?

    Not a straight keif blunt, it has a gram of weed
  9. a kief blunt??? wtf. You have 1,500 posts and you've never read up on kief/ just know about it? Not hatin' just sayin'. dont roll a kief blunt. It would be a waste and you might be the first person ever to die from green. Hahaaaa roll it with sum bud and just sprinkle a thin layer throughout the blunt. You'll be set man.

  10. im with wongs here... i see this happening more and more... how the fuck to people go around with 200+ posts on a marijuana forum and ask silly uneducated questions... hell, before i ever posted on here i read enough to cover all these basics.

    1500 posts and you ask such a silly question, man i dunno that just sorta makes me wonder what type of person does that. Sorry, but blunts arent the typical way to smoke keif, and if you do have enough to roll a blunt then yes you have a lot... a ton actually.
  11. WTF are you guys talking about???? Throw a gram of headies into a blunt and sprinkle kief on it? Im not talking about a straight kief blunt if thats what your thinking? haha

    Have you guys never smoked one of those?
  12. If you can help it, keep keif away from direct flame. Keif [alone] burns a lot differently than weed mixed with keif. Putting the flame directly on the keif destroys a good bit of it without many beneficial effects.

    I understand that you don't have bud, if you did I would recommend filling a hitter or chillum halfway with bud, load some keif then fill it up the rest of the way with bud. The helps to keep direct flame off of the keif. By the time you get to the layer of keif you will have made good use of it because it burned slower.

    Vaporizing keif is another good method. Or just save it up and use it for something useful in the future.
  13. Ye man woah he was just asking how much kief to sprinkle on a blunt and you guys flamed the living shit out of him.
  14. come on guys, fuck, take it easy on the guy. in my experience, a pinch of keif about the size of a pea loaded into a chillum some bud blocking it from being sucked clean through, does the job pretty fucking damn well. if you don't have any bud, you must at least have some shake or scraps around that can serve as a screen? it won't take much keif, as long as you don't roast it all with the flame and waste it.:smoke:
  15. There's really no way to answer a question on how much kief you need to get high. Start with a little, see how that does you.. if it doesn't do the trick, pack another kief hit.

    The question is how high do you want to get.

    -- But yeah, I usually use kief as a topper for bowls. There's no right or wrong on how much you use.
  16. Wait til you get enough for a fat glaze on top of a bowl, or a whole bowl of kief to urself.


  17. No worries dude. I have smoked them. They are fucking good and get me super high. I don't weigh it out or anything, but just sprinkle it on there till it coats the buds like they were the dankest of dank looking lol, just what I think it looks like. Mine probably have a 5 to 1 bud to kief ratio lol. But I would rather do a snake in the grass hash blunt, that's good.:smoking:
  18. [quote name='CurtChronic']If you can help it, keep keif away from direct flame. Keif [alone] burns a lot differently than weed mixed with keif. Putting the flame directly on the keif destroys a good bit of it without many beneficial effects.

    I like that. I usually put the kief on top. I'm gonna try this. I'll let y'all know if it's better than using it as a topper.
  19. i agree, i too have some kief and plan on tryin this tonight since i usually just put kief on top of my bud and light it with a match/lighter

  20. Well Curt, I have to agree with that layering technique. I usually did the standard sprinkle on the top of a bowl pack, and it was okay. But just okay.

    With the kief in the middle, we actually tasted a sweeter smoke, and talk about the effect. I smoke for mostly medicinal and this was defiantly better. By the time I went to bed, about a half hour after we smoked, I went right to sleep and slept so well. I have so little pain even still. :hello:

    I'll be layering my kief from now on!

    Thanks amigo!
    +1 rep!!

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