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How much kief?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mjmama25, Mar 24, 2012.

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    How much kief should I use for one pound of butter? I've seen Badkittysmiles recipe for kief and oil, but was wondering the best amount for a pound of strong canna butter? I'm hoping the queen herself will give me some pointers.
  2. Well obviously you'd use less kief than bud.

    I'm not sure anyone can tell you the exact amount though, since it would depend on how good your grinder is. Some grinders don't even give real kief, but just finely grinded plant.
  3. Put atleast a ounce of keif.
  4. A pound of butter is only four sticks... an ounce of kief kind of sounds excessive. Pound cake recipes use a pound of butter for one cake.
  5. I would use 7 -10 grams. That is quite a bit lol.
  6. Thanks guys. I don't use a grinder. I made a pollen box and collected quite a bit of kief from that.
  7. Well I found one recipe that calls for one Grap kief per stick of butter. But now I'm wondering it I should just go with coconut oil like badkitty. I gather it has a greater bioavailability for the cannabinoids.
  8. yeah coco. oil is way better
  9. You could probably get by with 5 or 6 gram's of really fine kief.
  10. [quote name='"Relentless"']You could probably get by with 5 or 6 gram's of really fine kief.[/quote]

    I've got 7 grams sifted to far but could easily make more. It's kinda fun!
  11. I always use bad kitty's recipe with coconut oil. Usually between 4-7 grams of hash. It's easier to me since you don't have to worry about overcooking it so much as a matter of fact one time I made the oil late at night fell asleep and left in there like 30-50 minutes longer than I was supposed to and it still came out super strong. Even people who don't usually get high off edibles get blasted of the one I make using bad kitty's recipe.
  12. Ok well I went with 7 grams of kief mixed into 2/3 cups coconut oil because that's how much oil I need for my recipe (I decided to go with oil by the way). So far I've decarbed the kief, mixed it with the oil and now Im heating that to melt the kief into the oil etc. Then I'm making some brownies! I'll let you know how they turn out....

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  13. how much would you use for just 1 stick ya think?
  14. [quote name='"TylerEChase"']

    how much would you use for just 1 stick ya think?[/quote]

    Divide what you quoted by 4

  15. I had a durp moment :D
  16. I'm freezing my ass off outside while these bake. I use a toaster oven outside so my kids don't have to smell it cooking in the house. Brrrr!

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  17. careful mjmama i used a toaster oven once and it went alot hotter then itnwas supose to and ruined my batch. this post is prob too late as its probaly done. hope it worked for ya mama : ) post how they turned out!!!
  18. Well I just made a browny Sunday and damn it TASTED potent. I'm already a little droopy eyed. I'm not sure why edibles hit me so fast. I have a weak stomach and things hit me hard a d fast. I can only drink one drink before I'm blitzed too, lol. I'll post on the high later unless I fall asleep first...
  19. glad to hear it was succesful! nothing worse then hetting your hopes up and eAtting a failed edible
  20. [quote name='"Klauck"']glad to hear it was succesful! nothing worse then hetting your hopes up and eAtting a failed edible[/quote]

    Thanks. It was a pretty powerful high. Its been several weeks since I had any edibles so it hit me hard, and I definitely like cooking with kief over buds. I sat in bed last night happy as a clam to stare at the back of my eyelids. It was a trippy high with a lot of visual stuff. Either, swirls on my eyelids when I closed my eyes. It's how I always wanted acid and shrooms to feel. Pot is so much better.

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