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How much joints can you roll with a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by visualsmoker, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. I just wanna know how cheap weed is here. Here we only have access in hash and we don't really buy in grams i guess. A nice hash spliff would be around 2 USD.. Around how much does a gram cost and how many Js can you roll with it?
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    a joint is traditionally .5g
    So you can traditionally roll 2.

    but depending 1-3.

    are we talking about buds. not hash.

    Either way break some hash up and sprinkle it in the spliff.
    a few crumbles is good for a spliff IMO. if you spread it out evenly.

    I pay $10 for 1.7g mids.
    $20/g danks.
  3. a gram is a decent joint

    you're probably paying for soap bar and tobacco
  4. Yaa 1/2 hash 1/2 tobacco... still quite fucking strong since its hash.
    I was talking about how much Js with a gram of proper weed not hash. Around how does a gram cost there?
  5. maybe 2 bucks for some shitty weed

    10-20 for some fire

    dont buy grams its chump shit
  6. If you don't want a long smoke/have good weed for just yourself you can always roll a short half length j. I do it sometimes, plus you get twice as many papers per pack that way. Normally I would just smoke a small bowl but sometimes that isn't possible.
  7. i enjoy rolling 4 joints out of a gram and smoke all of them rather than rolling 1g and smoking it all in like 20mins... most people dont like 2 smoke like that wit me but i find it makes he bud last longer and more enjoyable plus if i bought only 1g at a time my stuff wud b around $20/g but ive nvr bought just 1g...
  8. it depends on how many weeds you got yo:D
  9. I don't think hes saying that it's $2 for a gram.

    OP: usually .5 in a joint is plenty to fill 1 paper. Some people use 2 papers and use a full gram in their joints though.

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