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How much is weed in California?

Discussion in 'General' started by 2wenty0ne21, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I'm in Oklahoma and id like to kno if it's cheaper in California.
  2. Will pm me ur number? I really want to speak with u
  3. Just Pm me dude I don't wanna talk to some Randy
  4. I live in northern ca and I pay around this for dank haven't been sold mids in around 2 years all we have is dank where I'm around.
    1g- $5-$10
    1/8th- $25-$30
    1/4- $60
    1/2- $90
    Oz- $140-$175
  5. I got an 1/8 of top shelf for 40 the other day, but some of that was for my bro's work.
  6. Yeah Cali is he shit I get my eigths of high grade for 35$ I live in the bay so dank is abundant.

  7. Tha fux?? Creepy haha.. But if you're trying to go to Cali just for weed prices you might want to think about what you're doing.

  8. hahahahaha
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  10. Fucking norcal.
  11. i have a stupid question. in cali say i had a mmj card could u go to dispensary "a" now buy ur limit there then go to dispensary "b" and do the same?
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    Yea, most likely you won't need to. I can carry 4 oz's at a time
  13. what is the legal limit to carry from dispensary to home?

  14. can do this.

    Each collective has a sign in sheet...or if you are a new patient, you have to fill out a 2-5 page form handout that just has you agree to the terms of no re-selling of your MJ and it's to be used for medicinal purposes.

    Usually, the budtender always puts my stashs in a bag, staples it shut, and tells you to smoke it at home to avoid any trouble.

    There is no actual way of them detecting every single collective you can go in. The first day i got my card, i wen to 4 different dispensaries to get free gram and/or edible and/or pre roll. They want the business so why not give it to them.

    You can get up to an ounce from a single collective.
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    Not true at all some clubs sell up to qp's

    I've seen I guy walk in and buy a pound, no questions asked. If the money's there they do not care.

  16. And that's why dispensaries in California are open one day and raided the next.

    The ones that follow the strict regulations, charge tax, pay off their end of the tax for the sale of MJ, haven't even been raided yet.

    There was just a bill signed that will shutdown 90% of all dispensaries since people are scanning the system and being arrogant about it. For renewals, they will look into people's records and make sure it is indeed a medical reason for obtaining MJ.

    For the time being since the economy isn't great, everyone is trying to collect a buck. Once things pick up, they will definitely crack down.

  17. omg i want to move to northern cally!, are those dispensarie prices or street prices?

    thats all i know around here.

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