How much is too much?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazin420, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. Hi. I'm new. I just wanted to get your opinions on this. I'm a little concerned. I find myself smoking a lot more lately. But I don't think its too much. I'm no expert so I could be wrong. On weekdays, I usually smoke 4 or 5 times a day, and about twice that on weekends. I only use a bong though, so I don't burn that much. I only go through about an ounce a month by myself. Should I slow it down, or is that not bad?
  2. dude, thats not too much thats not enough hah. im stoned.

    but seriously man maybe you should cut it down i smoke like a quarter a month but yea consider yourself a pothead hah
  3. If I could afford it, I'd smoke even more than you are now. Personally, I like being in a constant haze. :)
  4. lemme just put this into perspective for you...

    the most i've been smoking was just shy of an ounce a day, obviously i couldnt afford to keep that up for long. over a prolonged period i had been toking a half Q every day... and that was me holding back.

    even this isnt too much, for me*.

    there are rastas out there who will smoke an ounce a day easily.

    *it all depends on the idividual.

    too much is when it controls you and you can no longer regain control.

    so by that logic... you could say there is no such thing as too much with ganja... you should always be able to regain control when you need to. i have really poor will power and i managed it.

    dont believe anyone who tells you that you should be ashamed to be a pot head. there are FAR worse things you could be.
  5. whatever makes you happy!
  6. oh ok. thanks. i definately feel better now. damn Digit...sounds real expensive lol I wish I could smoke more, but its just too expensive.
  7. i stay stoned, used to smoke a half ounce a day, but i shared with everyone, and i was a waster. fat blunts always. and then i cut down to about a q every 5-6 days, and that depends on the quality.

    i blow through dank pretty fast if its degraded, basically overcloned. really sucks, great taste but no high, and they are notorious for that shit around here.

    all day from 10am till the end of the day, is a haze :)

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