How much is too much?

Discussion in 'General' started by fragyn, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. How much is too much for you guys? Do you guys like to get super baked or lay down somewhere in the middle of grasscity and sobercity?
  2. I like to get really baked, then ride the high out all the way to the very end, so 2 - 4 hours depending, before I even consider smoking again. And I only need like two to three hits to get stoned.
  3. too much for me is eating 10,000 mg. of edibles all at once, puking my guts up and feel like i'm dying. Same with taking 65 dabs in a row of super strong shatter
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  4. Smoke weed everyday.:coolalt:
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  5. There is never a limit, if there is more weed to be smoked, it will be smoked. I like to get as high as possible.
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  6. Too much is 73 hours past your bed time. Then your brain poops out and death occurs. This is how Prince went and many other celebs.
  7. Damn, you're stoned asf. I'm jealous. :(
  8. Dry as the desert, actually. Being a smartass just comes naturally to me.
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  9. hahahaha
  10. When the DEA shows up.

    When the liquor store won't sell you anymore swishers/papers.

    When you can't see infront of you.

    When people skip in the rotation.

    When you run out of storage space.
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  11. I usually smoke until I feel good, if I'm drinking I'll end up smoking a joint/bong every 2 beers I end up falling asleep after my 12th beer and 6th joint/bong lol
  12. Don't think there is to much for me in fact sometimes not enough i like to be super stoned all day

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