How much is too much(km)?

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  1. I'll be buying a used car in roughly a month or so, but many cars in my price range have 100-150k KM on them.(62137-93205miles). How much is too much? I want a VW golf or jetta, but most of them have 150k km and cost 3-5 grand(with people also trying to sell ones with 220k for more than 5 grand). Is 150 too much? I know that the timing belt should already be replaced by then, or should be needing a replacing at that time so that raises some concern, what other bills would I be expecting?

    I might also add that I am not speaking about diesel VW's, they generally are priced a lot higher and have many more KM here.
  2. On most cars 60-90,000 miles is just broken in. Most cars easily make 200,000 miles and a lot will go further if you maintain them.
  3. As VWs get old they tend to have more problems than more common brands. And are more costly to fix as parts and labor costs are more...imo
  4. get a nissan
  5. I've heard they tend to get a lot of electrical problems.
  6. I bought a 99 Accord a couple years ago for $3700. It had 127K miles on it, very clean with a 5 speed and 4 cyl. motor. I know it's like a granny car, but it gets 31 to 33 mpg and is pretty quick with the standard trans. Very cheap parts also, bought a NEW driver's side CV axel for $57. New brake rotors were $27 each. Very reliable car, and even though it is 14 years old, still looks stylish....

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