How much is too much for art?

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  1. I'm looking at buying some of the new Hefe on ALT but I'm not sure if it's worth it. It looks like a decent sized bowl but it is about $150 Canadian! How much do Hefe's go for, is this a decent deal? I want on with an opal. :hello: Thanks.
  2. Personal Preference is at the heart of every collection, my friend! Don't spend more money than you're comfortable doing! If something feels right, go for it! It's all just a matter of opinion and personal preference, man. :smoking: Stay lifted! :D
  3. Pretty much all the glass on ALT is overpriced. You're really paying for the service. Very few shops, even really good ones, will have heady/mainstream artist slides with nice opal encasements in stock very often. If you're really into all these things, go for it. If you're just looking to get some heady glass in your collection, there are better ways.
  4. I picked up this one last night to go with my worked SYN.

  5. dont buy that from ALT. they overprice their headies. check out become a member and you can get some great great deals on glass i promise.
  6. That's a dope worked syn, looks like a hefe lol! I think I may get it but I'm really hesitant to spend money, I'm also debating buying the herb iron with it. Ahh, I'm so torn!
  7. Pretty sweet, but like others said don't buy from them
  8. Hey man i live in the middle of nowhere, and I mean it (UP) so a place like aqua is by far the cheapest route for me, and no offense to boro, but im not sold on all the legality of this site and what not leading me to a little hesitance in paying the fee through paypal leaving a direct trail to me. Where as ALT i have no worries. I also feel boro would make 10 times more money if they would let me view for free and charge a commission, maybe I could feel it out and feel more secure. But to each his own, i will succumb to boro eventually haha the suspense is killing me( i missed the 420 free view!!!!!)
  9. considering people spend millions of dollars on paintings that only hang on a wall, nothing is "too much" for art, its really up to how much u want to spend as others have said.

    one thing you do get instead of a useless painting is something that looks good and also has a function, and generally a good one, getting you high...while other pieces do the same thing, its how much you want your glass to have its own personality.

    as others have said, shop around, you may not like some that are cheaper or more expensive, you'll know as soon as you see the right slide, and generally unless its hundreds of dollars different than another you consider, the price of good quality and beautiful glass is almost secondary to the way it impacts you.

  10. believe boromarket is a very legit site. it and other sites like it are where i get the majority of my glass.
  11. boro is legit,,,,,,,peace LEAR
  12. up too you.

    i'm purchasing a $325 slide and a $155 as well waiting for delivery. if you really like it and you find it to be worth it, go for it.
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    Thanks guys, I decided to get it. I'm really diggin the colors.
    El Hefe - Double Layer w/ Opal Slide - 14 mm - # 1
    That's the one I got, I also bought some screens, a cleaning brush (biggest available) and a herb iron! Ended up spending $250 :) / :( , I'm excited to get it! :smoking::smoking::smoking:

    Edit: about boromarket, do they delete all threads after the item is sold/ traded? There are only 87 threads in the for sale forum and none in the trades, none in the auctions. I'm sure we have some members here... You should take some screen shots of those slides for sale, I'd like to see what the threads selling these things look like... Thanks!
  14. the point of boromarket is that it is only accessible to those that pay to become a member. they are a legit site that offers a b/s/t forum to glassheads looking to find pieces for below headshop prices (usually). i suggest everyone check it out if you are a collector. what is a measly 10 dollar fee to have access to buy tons of glass. besides, the fees keep the scammers out.

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