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How Much Is This?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Teh, May 10, 2011.

  1. #1 Teh, May 10, 2011
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    Well My Friends Paid $20 and $10 and I Chipped in $5, My 5 and My Friends 20 is Wrapped. My Other Friend who got the 10 Should a 10 in the Baggie. Was this worth it or no?

    My Dealer says it's the right amount, but I'm still sketchy..

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  2. It's hard to determine quality through a plastic bag.......

    But, that being said, it looks decent, and it looks like around 1.75 grams or so, which would be around $35 bucks if you're buying street and it's dank.
  3. Ahh, Well There's a Glare at the Bag and cover some of it, but It's Mids. I've bought some from this guy. He's not really a dealer dealer, but he deals to friends and sometimes to randoms at the highschool.
  4. Very Very strict weigh out's on that...... I would say its around 1 1/2ish grams may have got a a little jipped off and when I say a little I mean like 10$ jipped....Looks like some decent mids smoke from what I can see though. Better then nothing. Wouldn't expect a dealer I am not cool with to give me a solid deal.
  5. dude you really gotta read shit before you post it. its very hard to understand who bought and paid what. from what i gather there should be a $10 bag and a $25 bag?
    the different bags are really throwing off the comparison too. you cant tell whats going on sandwich bag.

    but it looks like you didnt get a really good deal or a really bad deal
  6. If it's mids, it's definitely overpriced. Not a complete rip off, but overpriced no doubt. I only smoke dank, though. I hate mids lol.
  7. Ehh, 1 1/2 Grams is 30$ from teh area I'm at so it's not big deal, but the next time I'll pay attention for sure. I need to get a scale...
  8. 1 1/2 grams of Mids for 30$ is inflated prices. You need to move!
  9. I'm not completely sure if it's mids. From What I Had From Him. Mids-Dank.
  10. Also, I believe he said it was Afghan Kush...
  11. Take it out and let's get some bud shots rolling in here!
  12. Hmm defiantly doesn't look like a kush strain from what I can see, unless you can get a clearer picture outside of the bag, or did you smoke it all? Looks like some good mids though, not going to lie about that.
  13. #13 Teh, May 10, 2011
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    I didn't smoke it.
  14. you paid 35 for about 2g thats not too bad broski, depends how high you got. do you guys feel that the high was worth 35 for all of you? basically /thread
  15. Well, This stuff smells bomber than the last time from what I got. Last Time I tripped balls after like 5-12 Hits..:smoke:

  16. Of course almost anyone can vouch for getting high off of 35$ worth of weed, it's just the fact he is basically asking if he got ripped off or if it was a fair deal for what he got. Defiantly not 2 grams worth of Mids. Or even 2 grams at all.
  17. Thats enough

  18. Well as long as your happy with it, then there really shouldn't be any worries.
  19. Alright, Well I've come to the conclusion, more or less it was worth the 35$ considering that i don't have any other connects that are reliable that can get me mids or danks. :)
  20. hahahahah well then for sure if that's the case you realllllly can't complain now.

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