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How much is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bloc, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I recently purchased my first bag of weed and am unsure if I got ripped off or not. I paid $30 for all you see in this picture. I'd really like to know how much it is in grams. Thanks! ;)

    Taken with a camera phone so it's not the best quality (though it's not too bad). That coin is a dime (10 cents USD).
  2. lol r u serious or joking?

    u got ripped for 30 here u get a quarter (7grams) of some fuckin mids lol

    fuckin u got took daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
  3. tht looks like maybe a half gram dam im sorruy homie
  4. lmfao they robbed you son!!!!
  5. So how much do you think it is in grams? I'm gonna kill this guy...
  6. Dude thats about a skimpy dime sack...i woudlnt pay more than like 8 bucks for that...beat his ass
  7. haha damn, it looks like 1g or maybe 1.5g. U got hosed.
  8. haha its like half a gram homie maybe 1 gram tho..for 30 u shulda gotten atleast 3 grams imo
  9. get a scale... learn about quality and prices of weed.... ull never get ripped off again...
  10. That looks like a gram of straight shwag. I wouldn't even smoke that...

    Time for you to beat some ass.
  11. Looks like a gram of some schwag. 5-10 bucks tops.

    If you really paid 30, then shit dude... you've got some heads to bust.
  12. Not even a gram and bad quality. But don't get too mad, just smoke it and learn from your mistakes. A gram is normally about the length of a full size bic lighter.
  13. Is this even going to get me high?
  14. No doubt it will get you high, you just got a bad deal on the quality and quantity of that bud
  15. damn dude u payed 30$ for like a gram of shitty mids
  16. Sorry man, but thats about a small 5 dollars worth of schwag/mids.
  17. lol man that sucks:rolleyes:
  18. Don't worry, I'm going to get this guy back. ;)
  19. Thats a gram at the very most
    you got ripped
    even if its dank as fuck

    sorry bro:(

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