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How much is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by IrishStoner00142, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Hi I was just wondering how much this would weigh (I attached a picture) and how the quality is. Is it good or is it really
    low quality? Thanks

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  2. I have no idea what the real weight is and nobody is going to be able to give you a real answer.

    Looks like an 8th of mids, you should know how much it is didn't you pay for it?
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  3. Stop biting your nails and buy a scale.
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  4. I'm not in a legal area so I have to buy from a dealer. I'm pretty sure he ripped me off (I'm not very experienced) and I don't have a scale at the moment so I just wanted a second opinion. Thanks
  5. if you're going to be a dick don't bother replying dipshit. I don't have acces to a scale in this exact moment and i'm not experienced so I can't really eyeball it. I bite my nails when i'm stressed and I had a very stressful week so that explains that. Besides what does it matter to you if I bite my nails?
  6. It was a joke... Man up.
  7. Looks to be about an eighth of beaster (high mids).
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  8. it was really funny
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  9. 2ft 6.
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  10. its an 8th. how much

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  11. thanks
  12. How much does this weigh and is it good or not? bftlarge.png
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  13. weight looks good..cheese looks like fake stuff.
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  14. If you asked for an 8th, I would say it's close. He could have pinched your bag or made it short tho I couldn't really say.

    The best anyone can do by eye is estimate, depending on how dense/airy, dry/moist, etc it could way different. But it looks like an 8th, the quality looks like decent mids.
  15. i believe it weighs exactly 14 Newtons. Now, if Force = Mass X Acceleration, and the weight of the world in your baggie is 14N, how many masses of tacos are cheesey quesalupas?
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  16. The tacos were laced....
  17. They replaced the cheese with dairy free those monsters.

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  18. My guess is 3 grams instead of your normal 3.5-4g eighths. Looks like Sativa, which is generally cheaper than Indica. If I had to buy it and could only use the pics to determine my price, I wouldn't pay more than $20. Hope this helps.

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