How much is this?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420malfoy, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. And is it worth £20?
    (It's one bag, I've just turned it over on the pic)

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  2. Yeah about 20 where i am for that too.
  3. Looks like some good buds!
  4. I wouldn't have paid over $15, but $5 may not be much to you. Going rate $10-$15.
  5. nah you're good man. looks like you were definitely NOT ripped off. looks like some good buds too. nice pickup...
  6. That's 20 pounds.. so like $30 USD.

    That looks like a gram. Where I live that's like $5. But some places it could go for up to $20...but not $30.
  7. Looks to be around 1 gram to 1.5. Can you take a pic of it beside something for reference? Id say closer to 1.5 maybe
  8. Looks like a 20 bag to me in some places. And it looks pretty dank too. Next time try taking the bud out of the bag before you take a pic, it helps us help you

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