How much is rent?

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  1. Well, im not 100% sure of where to post this, but im planning on moving out of my dads house late this year or early next year. Me and a friend are planning on getting an apartment, townhome, or condo and i figured i'd ask what you all are paying for rent a month? and how much utilities? The point of me moving out is so i can smoke weed without having to hide it. I could also grow it at my house instead of at my friends (whose mom says its OK) and not have to hide it (but i still probly will... stealth growing is fun). So im guessing the point of me moving out being smoking weed, it would fit in this thread... if i'm wrong, will a mod please move it for me? Thanks
  2. well you should've posted this in general, but.... I pay $635/mo. cable and cable internet is $90/mo. and $24/mo for electricity. But alot of it depends on where you live.
  3. Well rent will depend on where you live, which is...
  4. This really is probably the wrong place to ask, unless you give a specific area, and even then, it varies by neighborhood.

    Ie: I live in a crap apartment in Boston, and rent is $1200.

    A better apartment back in the midwest would be $600, and the same apartment as mine, probably $400.

    Utilities also vary a lot by location.
  5. Hhmm... i shoulda guessed that it'll vary by location... but im in the Atlanta, GA area. Im just kinda happy im finally moving out and will get to smoke a blunt in the kitchen with butt naked females running around if i feel like it! :)
  6. i live in marietta/kennesaw. if you find any info tell me cause i wanna move out to
  7. Here I pay $300 a mo. plus utilities which are usually 100 a person. We have a 3-br house, decent size. Next year I'm living in a 4-br apt. near campus and it's only $260 + about $30 each for utilities.
  8. i wanna come! hahahahaha

    but seriously, check out they may not have what you're looking for but can give you a good idea.

    for my one bedroom apartment i pay 465 a month, and about 100-200 in other bills a month. i'm about to move into a 2 bedroom townhouse that's about 675 a month.
  9. ^Is that 300 for just your part of the rent or for everyones? Or are you saying you pay $400 for your part of the rent and your part of the utilities?
  10. i hear ya
  11. woah, any roomates? where do you live? around here the lowest apartment you can get is like maybe $1600 and optimum online with cable is like 90.
  12. i live in an apt near campus, and rent runs $435 a month. Around $25-$35 for electricity. Cable plus internet is like $50 a month, and water is like $10-$20 a month.
  13. I just got told about from a friend... pretty good website with some good listings. I just found a house where i used to live (and hang around at, all the time) and they listed it as "a quiet neighborhood"! Thats hilarious... Like the roughest part of that city (the city isnt very violent... just that neighborhood and the surrounding ones, but that neighborhood is the center of it all...) and they listed it as "a quiet neighborhood!"... i cant get over that, lol
  14. hmm. I live in a very rich town/tourist town / college town yet still rent = $$$$$

    Studio/small nothing paid for except trash and water = 7-800.00

    1 Bedroom - 1-1400.00
    2 Bedroom - 1700- 2200

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