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How much is in a dub sack?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ifckwhitebtches, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I know it depends on the bud, the dealer, and your area, but I was just wondering how much you guys have got in a dub sack? I don't really wanna get ripped off..
  2. around a gram
  3. Dub = $20. $20 = 1 Gram. Dub sack = 1G
  4. 4-5 grams of reg
    2-3 grams of mid
    1-1.3 of dank
  5. A "dub sack" really only means "a $20 sack" in most places, so you're right that it depends very much on the location, the dealer, and also the quality of the weed.
    A dub sack of mids or schwag would be a lot more quantity than a dub of dank. Likewise, a dub in Canada would be a lot more quantity than a dub in buttfuck-nowhere with very few dealers. :p

    But a dub of dank around here is generally about 1.75 grams. Half what you would get with a $40 eighth.
    (I'm in Oregon, if that helps)
  6. about 3-4 years ago 1.2-1.3 grams

    now, 2-3 grams
  7. That helped a lot!
  8. So Fla 1g-1.4
  9. Here in Toronto that'll get you at least 2g of mids, 1g of fire. I don't know about schwag cause I don't know anyone that sells that crap. :smoke:

  10. If you clarify what state you're in (assuming you're in the US) you could get much more accurate responses about what to expect in your state.

    The differences between states is very significant.

    For instance, the "" site implies that prices per ounce in say, Washington DC is nearly $200 more than the price per ounce on the west coast.

  11. lol i wish.....its more 1.0g on the east coast
  12. Where I live (Toronto) a dub sack will get you 2 grams
  13. You should buy weed by mass not by price.
  14. A dub sack, which is $20 worth, is 1 gram of dank, or 4 grams of regs. If he sells mids for $10 a g then 2 grams of mid.

  15. he is asking how much mass we get for 20 bucks lol

    x place gets this much for 20, y place gets that much for 20
  16. Mids
    $20-2 Grams

    Dank (or medical from Michigan)
    $20-1 Gram

  17. Post location bro. But as my general guideline, you should be able to get anywhere between 1-2g of dank. For mids, it should be nothing short of 2g.
  18. I miss my dealer!!!!!

    $20 Dub (Fire Reggie) I got 8G's

    A dub (20) of Dank would run about $50 and about 3.5 -4.0 G's
  19. Generally means 20$ worth, but in some areas is used to mean 2.0 grams.

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