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How much is g13??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hazehandler420, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I live in GA and im wonderin how much g13 is per gram???
  2. Search around. Different people have different prices. Around here I can get about 1.8 for $20.
  3. thanks and wat about som god bud
  4. g13 is good shit so is god bud AT MOST pay 20/g not over that i get it for 10-15/g but i live in cali and idk out of state prices
  5. Kurty did u make that pic?
    its tool as!
    dude it faking rapes


    lol, by the way you are talking I can guarantee you that you will not get "g13"

    and as for prices, there are millions of threads about prices. most areas are 10-20 dollars a gram.. as for weight, everywhere is different. and no, we dont know where you can get weed either
  7. really dude i just moved to GA from tx i no how much my green is just not down here

  8. Haha, i like to show off our oregon prices too
  9. G13 does not have a set price, no strain has a set price. It all depends on the quality of the individual batch.

    IE, nobody can answer your question.

    If its high quality, it should be around 20 a gram.

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