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How much is an ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hubba, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I've never really bought more than $60 with friends, seperate baggies, so I don't know how much it was.

    Back to my question, how much is an ounce of bud?

    Even give some statistics if you can

    Like, how much for schwag, mids, dank. Thanks for the help guys, sorry for the noob post :[
  2. It depends where your at and who you know.


    80-120 Ounce

    300-400 QP


    Quarter 70-120

    Half 130-220

    260-420 (Average 325-375) Ounce

    These are average prices, assuming you dont have really legit connections.
  3. Hey don't worry about it, we were all noobs at one point!:smoke: But an ounce (28g) can be many different prices depending on where you are. Here in Ontario, Canada an ounce usually goes for around $160-200 ( for me it's $170 for regular). If you want mids you'd be looking at $190-220 and around $220-240 for top quality:D
  4. hey man. How much and O costs depends on three main things. Where you live, quality of the bud, and the people you know. If you know the people who sell most likely they will be able to hook you up with some better prices. In south texas here on the prices. Shwag is real cheap because of the border and dank more expensive than other areas.

    shwag O - 40-50$
    mids O - 80-120$
    dank O - 20-25 $ a gram so anywhere from 180 + depending on strain

    dank O - 20-25 $ a gram so about
  5. around northern virginia---
    mids 100-150
    dank 400-500

    shits wackk..cant wait to move to cali
  6. For the record its 28.5 grams in an ounce. Most the guys I know round to 29 though. I pay about 250 an ounce for dank here in Colorado. Mids, about 100, but I don't smoke mids.
  7. You honestly felt it necessary to correct me by .5 Ryan? hahah yes an ounce is known to be 28-29 grams. 28 is more common here though... But if you want to be super specific an ounce is 28.35 (rounding to 28.4) grams precisely.
  8. Jersey, mids, 130 easy.
  9. Outdoor: 100-120
    Indoor/M39: 140-150 (i'm paying 120-125)
    Exotic: 180-200
  10. Sounds like a legit connect dude.
  11. Thanks guys :hello:

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