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how much is an ounce of white widow or sour diesel normally?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by acaciacomplex, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. In the market for some really nice weed to break in my new bong and vape. I never buy in ounces or zips so just wondering what I should get. I hate getting ripped off
  2. $100-400, who knows
  3. You could be looking to pay $250-$300. That is, if it's real "white widow". If I had a dime for every dealer who thinks they've had "white widow" and had some basic quality dank I'd be one rich man.
  4. I never buy by the ounce, but prices for an ounce of dank where I'm from go for $300-ish.

    (Also, in b4 the "i buy o's of purp for $100 cause i live in a MMJ state" posts)

  5. Exactly what I was thinking :smoke:
  6. hahaha what were you asking? 28 grams is normal OP

  7. I think he meant price, not weight
  8. yeah I know hence the hahaha
  9. First question OP: Where are you from?
    Thats the main thing that will determine price.
  10. This ^. Cause if you're anywhere in the Mid to Northeast you're not paying anything less than $300 unless you know a grower who happens to owe you something.
  11. $350 give or take $50
  12. All depends on where your from and who you know. I get ounces from $225-275 here in central fl. But I have seen people asking anywhere from 300-425 which I would never pay especially when it isn't as good as my $250 stuff
  13. It's around 275-300 here. I'd rather pick up a qp for thAt price though :smoke:
  14. Get mine for 160
  15. if we're talking some sour or something the anywhere between 200-300

    ofcourse there are outliers in both directions
  16. I recently got some real-deal White Widow and Power Skunk; 60g for $750.

    Both are hi-grade fire but the Power Skunk is better.
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    I feel like there should be a guide to weed prices that factor in dankiness/hookup so that people can understand their own prices.

    No hook up, standard dank prices (entry level)
    1g = 20$
    3.5g = 60$
    7.0g = 110$
    14.0g = 200$
    28.0g = 350$

    No hook up, standard dank prices (entry level hook up)
    1g = 15$-20$
    3.5g = 50$-60$
    7.0g = 90$-110$
    14.0g = 175$-200$
    28.0g = 300$-350$

    Hook up
    1g = 10$-15$
    3.5g = 35$-45$
    7.0g = 60$-85$
    14.0g = 110$-160$
    28.0g = 150$-250$

    If you follow this price range and have a scale, you will never be "ripped off" again.

    For example,
    28.0g = 350$
    28.0g = 350$
    4.0g = 50$

    or you can look at it as

    28.0g = 340$
    28.0g = 340$
    4.0g = 70$
  18. Up in northern CA, you can find fire everywhere for about $5 a gram or less if you know the right people. I got a steal recently, 8 grams of Blue Dream for $30:smoke:

    way north btw. a bit more than sacramento ;P

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