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How much is an ounce of dro worth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JAREDxTOKZ, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Depends on where you live. :wave:

    Here in WA, an oz can cost anywhere from $150 to $220. :D
  2. Edit- I live in ga
  3. Well I get mine for around $250-$300 depending on quality. I heard prices in Georgia is a little high so I'm guessing $350-$400
  4. If you break it down into grams, 580$.

    Wholesale, 300-400$.
  5. Dro is good.
  6. Depends on location. Where I'm at it's $150-$175 or even cheaper if you know the grower and about $200-$240 otherwise. If it's more expensive than that here, then you're getting it from the wrong people.
  7. Most of west coast will be 160-200 for dank
  8. In Ontario 180-220 for daaank
  9. I'm guessing by "dro" you mean good weed? 300-350 depending on the dealer here in metro Atlanta.
  10. dro refers to the growing technique and not to the quality

    I assume you mean dank.. which is about $300 unless you know someone
  11. Here in Alpharetta, GA, I can get zips of some good quality bud (Sour D, Lemon Trainwreck, etc. Just completely covered in trichomes) for $280-$350 but that all depends on your connect.
  12. 120 and a quickie...
  13. In Houston like 300-350 I'm not really sure, I heard it was a little cheaper in Atlanta
  14. 300 in something.
  15. Washington, oregon, and northern cali goes from 150-210, not sure about southern cali
  16. Here in south Florida I see some ounces for as much as 350 for dank and I've seen them go for 250. All depends on who you know.
  17. Well theres bad dro and good dro. Reggie dro should go for around 180$ tops Good dro 300$.
  18. Do you even know what the word dro means?....

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