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How much is an O where you're at?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cloud Rhinos, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. 200 for chronic
  2. 280$ Top Shelf CO Medicine
  3. my option isn't even on the poll haha. i get bomb mids for 150-170
  4. 3-330 nice dro to purp
  5. Around $500 for an oz of dank and $50 for an oz of reggie.
  6. Damn, Out here your not seeing a proper zippy for anything under 400, even regs is around 100 an oz
  7. $200 for mids but it can be cheaper depending on the source
    dank is usually 200 at the low end to 240,

    i`m in ontario as well.
  8. Reggie-mids Ive seen itgo from $35-$75 an ounce.

    Regular good dank $300-$350

    Bomb ass legit strains grown to the fullest potential $350-$400
  9. Local anything - 200

    Dispensary - 180-250~(outdoor to indoor) :rolleyes:
  10. starts at 150 n ends at 240.

    150 being good outdoor and 240 being grade A shit
  11. Well now that I'm in Oakland I can get top shelf under $300 a zip, but I grow most of my head stash now anyway. Grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and out there you're talkin $120 for good mids, $230 for Beasters, $380+ for top shelf. Also lived on the SC coast for a while...just bring your own weed if you're goin there...bleh.
  12. 350 a zip for some beasters and 400+ for some good.
  13. like $90-120 for mids and $300 up for some dank
  14. Mines 28 grams.
  15. If know the right people, 170-190

  16. lol lol lol wow sorry to be you. i hope those mids come with a free blowjob... scratch that 10 free blowjobs for that price!
  17. Around 320$ for some chronic
    Good mids 90-110$

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