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How much is allowed for personal use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CentiZen, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I live in canada, more specifically, ontario. I am buying a quarter ounce later today, and I was wondering how much marijuana is considered personal use by the law? I know it has to be in less then 3 bags, but I forget how many grams.

    Help a clueless canuck out?

  2. Don't quote me on it, but I think it's an ounce in Texas.

  3. I will quote you on it... Because Texas laws don't mean jack since the OP clearly stated he is in Ontario. I live in NY myself so unfortunately I cannot help either, I only know NY laws, not Canadian.
  4. I have read that its a quarter in Canada. I bet if you google that you will find out for sure
  5. Try not to go above 5 grams. Thats the golden number in a lot of places.
  6. i think its a 1/8(3.5 grams) or less.but if it's in individual bags then they think your dealing:smoking:
  7. Wow, only 3.5g's in Canada? I thought they were really easy going up there.

    42.5g's in MN :)
  8. It really depends which province as they all have different laws...

    As I am in BC, I am unable to help you OP :(
  9. I live in Ontario too, (Toronto) and from what I've heard, if you get booked with bud on you there are a few things you'll want to organize... dont have a scale on you..... don't have your bud dimed out in bags.... if your bud is grinded up then the cops will have to assume its for personal use and not for trafficing.... and dont have more than 3.5g on you at a time :smoking:

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