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how much is a slice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rollitup456, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Ok so my guy said that he would sell me a slice of mids for 70 bucks. But i have a few questions to ask you guys, since i felt to much like a noob to ask him. ( i just started smoking in september)

    1. How much is a slice, like in grams? Im used to buying 20 bags and 8th's
    2. Is this a good price for the amount of weed im getting?
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  3. Eighth of mids for 70? I just picked up a quarter of mids for 35.
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  5. maybe he lives in jail:confused:
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    I know slang varies by your location but I always heard a slice is an 8th, Like with a Pizza its cut into 8 slices.

    but i would call it a fair deal for a half (if its 14 g'z and NOT 3.5) for 70, thats like $5 a G. U Can easily flip some for your money back, IF thats wat ur into ;)
  7. Lol well where I'm from $60 per eighth of mids is a usual price. :( (Connecticut Suburbs)

    And all of the pizza I've seen is cut into 12 slices :p
  8. its not an 8th because ive boughten 8ths from him before for 30. and i live in sw florida

  9. I never realized how ass backwards Connecticut is...
  10. Slice = 8th.

    Bad price.
  11. ya we call a 8th a cut here
  12. what suburbs of CT? where I am at $65 will get you, at the very least, a 1/4 of some higher grade mids (fewer stems and seeds) or a slice (1/8th) of some dank headies.

    and 12 slices of pizza seems crazy!!! its 8 on this side of ct.
  13. I pay 50 an eighth for some mids. They aren't bad, but aren't nothin' special either...

    Like that other guys said. Gotta do what you gotta do...
  14. Yeah its been said but a slice is 1/8, so if your guy says something different be assured that you're right and his terminology is different/not widely used.
  15. Slice? weigh that shit out and hope it's a 12-15g bag bro.

  16. Damn dude that sucks :(

  17. Ok why the fuck would you say yes if you didn't know the amount of weed? Ill be laughing when you show up and he sells you a gram. Don't be dumb ask him how much it is. Or call one of your friends and ask him.
  18. an eighth of middies is like 25 where i live, and i can get an eighth of some dank for 45-50 depending on the dealer

  19. i lmao'd
  20. tucson, az: at tthe moment, perfectly medium mids are 70 for a Oz.. i had no fuckin idea it was so much.. i get a HOZ for 40 of mids.

    for an ounce of dank is usually 130, i usually get white widow/rhino.

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