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How much is a Quarter Ounce of Exotic Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KuSh23, May 15, 2010.

  1. How many Dime bags are in a Quarter Ounce of Exotic?
    What's the price of a Quarter Ounce of Exotic(Kush,Sour,Haze,etc...)

    I Live in NY,So I Prefer the NY Price.
  2. All I Know is that a Quarter Ounce of some High Quality Weed is $90-120,now can someone tell me how much dime bags is in a Quarter Ounce?
  3. hahahahahahahahahaha
  4. Serious Question,I Want to get a Quarter Ounce of Lemon Kush,Granddaddy Purp,and Purple Kush.
  5. ok you're naming all these strains like you know something about them.

    but you dont know what the fuck a 'quarter ounce'. first off, call it quarter. you dont have to say ounce everytime

    1 ounce has 28 grams

    do the math

    a quarter of 28 is 7.

    7 grams.

    whats a dime 5 or 10.

    if 0.5g then 14 dime bags. if 10 then 7.

    so why are you naming shit, and looking for exotic weed when it shows that you have never picked up more then a few grams of ANY weed.

    dog go find weed. at your stage in the game, you;ll get plenty high
  6. one ounce = 28g, just fyi.
    also dime bags vary in size and quarters arent really sold in individual dime bags...
  7. This thread is hilarious.

    In before the delete... Hey kids.
  8. $100 to $120.
  9. Inb4 people start to realize this is a troll.

  10. Dude a dimebag is 10$ and has nothing to do with weight so how many every dollars it is thats how many dimes, jeez.
  11. people still buy dimebags?............. :confused:
  12. where at in NY?

    i used to be able to get striaght piff for $110 a 1/4 shit was fire
  13. Let me google that for you
  14. lol a quarter is $85-$105 and a dime is 1.7g and a dub or 8th is 3.5g there is 7g in a quarter so therefore there is 4 dime bags in a quarter, dimes of danks go for around 30 sometimes 35 but i never pay that haha i just buy the zip for 340 :smoking:
  15. Fuck, I still buy pennybags! :D
  16. 120 i live in bk das wat i getem for
  17. Here it`s 55-60 for any exo, 100-110 a half and 180-200 a oz.

    Here dimebags are 1.0g so 7 in a Q
  18. Here In Ohio About $80 a Quarter For Apollo
  19. Grow your own for pennies on the dollar ;)

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