How much is a half ounce of weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sullybren, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. I normally just buy eighths for 40$ could somone do the math what would a half ounce cost
  2. Use a calculator if you can't perform second grade math
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  3. 12...Now you guess which country's currency it is.:coolalt:
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  4. There are 4 eighths in a half I think this will solve your problem.
  5. Ik that I can just do 40x4 but weed get cheaper the more you buy at once

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  6. Yes but that will depend on your dealer we can't truly figure that out for you.
  7. I pay 150 for a half ounce of fire.
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  8. I pick my buds in bulk for free

    But yeah you can get it cheaper in bulk it can vary from getting 1 cent off to 99% off. Depends on where you shop.

    You can get the same bud from two different dispensaries but pay 50-100 an ounce more at one versus another...
  9. Apply compound interest formula for the span of time you value your half ounce and integrate the advent of need on your behalf.

    If 4g pickups are 40, at 10/g 14g would be 140 plus or minus relative interest rates.
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  10. 150-200. I would never pay more than 160 tbh... That's just retail prices though..

    A great connect would probably hook you up with 120 for a half.

    Just speaking in terms of my neck of the woods
  11. I pay $110-125. the dude i've been using lately charges me $115.
    i have gotten lucky and gotten one for $100 before but that shit doesn't happen often.

    it's kind of funny because i know people who pay $140-150 but i get better shit
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  12. I pay anywhere from 20$(mostly shake plus some nugs)-65$(top shelf) for a half oz. If you pay 40 an 8th, factoring in possible discounts for bulk, you should be paying anywhere from 100-160 a half, depending on quality and availability.
  13. How much does 8ths cost
    And how much grams is it?
  14. Ask how much your dealer will charge you...
  15. 3.5g

    Depends on the bud and dealer usually about 30$ here in Dallas

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