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how much is a gram?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by milkpuller420, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. hi I don't have a scale so can someone please upload a picture and just show me how much weed is in a gram. just wondering so I don't get ripped off thanks!

    edit: not looking for prices just need a pic of a gram of weed thanks!
  2. Let me guess, new smoker? If you're not new then you should know what a gram looks like. If they sell you nugs in a small ass baggie it's a gram. A picture will not show you what a gram looks like because it could be false. It's just something you learn you from when getting ripped off. Eventually you will learn what a gram is, until then there's no way.
  3. been smoking for about 4months so idk is you'd call that new or not but I'm just not sure how muck is exactly one gram
  4. Like the other guy said. Not all that reliable to look at some pictures but for alittle reference for you. Each pic is 2g.

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    Most dealers or dealers I know... have scales and when selling to people, scale right in front of them. Usually smoke them up to see if they're interested, if interested ask how much they want, and scale it. If they're pre bagged it's a gamble, if they don't have a scale pass on it. If they do and they scale it right in front of you, you're good to go.

  6. true you just needa smoke more normally you learn everything about buying and shit after a year or so
  7. yeah man you just need to smoke more takes time and experience but i woudnt call 4 mounths experienced you just get ripped off and get good deals eventaully you know
  8. See the pictures earlier in the thread, also, I'd recommend getting a pocket scale. Good for making sure your dealer didn't jack you, and good for if you're making eatables. but yeah, as other people said, those little-ass baggies are usually like 1-2g.
  9. a gram is about roghley the size of your tip of your thumb to the middle knuckle
  10. About this wide


    And this long

  11. Lulz.
  12. It completely depends on the weed. I bought a quarter O one time that I swore was only an eighth when I saw it, but sure enough I scaled it and it was 7 Gs. And I've grown and sold really fluffy weed that a gram looked like an eighth.

  13. Come on man.. What about depth, radius, geometrical angles & degree, density, etc lol.

    It depends on the weed as well. As I said, you learn from you're mistakes when getting ripped off. It's just something you pick up from experience. It's literally impossible to show you or tell you what a gram is in words.
  14. I know that's why I was asking for a picture of roughly a gram
  15. a little bit more than what's in the bag. that's probably .7 or .8

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  16. wow I think I've been getting ripped off
  17. That sounds like 3.5 :eek:

    A gram isn't much it's usually a small nug, a picture wouldnt help if WE post it, sometimes the quality of the bud matters, so post the pic of YOUR gram, please?
  18. A gram is exactly a gram.
  19. thanks! so helpful!

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