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How much is a dub compared to an eighth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by followurblyss, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. hey, so i heard an eighth is 2 dubs and a dime... is that true?
  2. 8th = 3.5g
    dub = 1g ( location varies)
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    it would be true if a dub = 1.5 grams
    and a dime = .5 grams

    but it all depends on how much your paying per gram... it shouldn't be too much of a difference for $15/gram or less per gram...maybe a gram and a half to two grams difference

    it all depends on price per gram
  4. dubs make no sense to me.

    dub = 2?

    $20 = 3.5 = dub ?
  5. 1+1+.5=2.5

    1/8th= 3.5
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    A dub = a double....

    Usually just means $20....

    How much product you get for a "dub" is gonna depend on the quality, location, and dealer.

    An eighth = 3.5 grams

    Which is an eighth of an Ounce btw(28 grams).

    The difference is that a dub is just slang for $20 and it doesnt necessarily have to be a certain amount.
    An eighth is an eighth of an ounce and that never changes.
    Hope this helps.
  7. thanks guys...
    im just trying to figure out, i have 60 dollars. obviously, 420 is tmrw. i'd like to get as much as i can for as little... dimes are $10, dubs are $20, and eighths in my town are usually $45-50.. =/
  8. usually buying in bulk will help save money...but if you have 60 dollars, try to get an eighth of dankity or if your so inclined a quarter of mids
  9. ummm..

    how come ive always known a dub to be a little less than a quarter?
  10. WOAHHHH where the fuck do you live i want in on that! haha

  11. upper part of florida.

    i get quarters for 25 and used to get a 20 bag and it'd be called a dub, and was a hell of alot more then 2 grams...........

    mids btw.

    i usually only buy quarters now so it doesnt matter much for me anymore anyway how much a dub is.
  12. people....a dub is slang for $20

    so whatever you get for 20 bucks is your "dub"

    OP, if you're talking mid grade, a "dub" should get you a eighth

    or danks...its gonna be about a gram.
  13. [quote name='wicked']
    mids btw.
  14. Dub doesn't necessarily mean 2 grams, It's $20 worth.
    Just like a dime doesn't mean 1 gram, it's $10 worth.

    A dub traditionally is 2 grams, or $20.
    An eigth is traditionally 3.5 Grams, Although price varies depending on quality and location.
  15. In my town, a dub is slang for two grams and that'll cost 20 dollars
    Also, in my town, an 8th is 3.5 grams and that'll cost 25 dollars
  16. an 8th is an 8th, doesn't matter where you are ^^
  17. Usually when you ask for a dub you get 20 bucks worth if it's really dank it's probably about 1 gram
  18. Yeah, i rushed my point. It's just real bad around here. Dubs are always 20+ for me... it's sickening. Thats why I never use slang when buying, I tell them I want an Oz if i want an Oz, or a gram if thats what i want. I'm the customer in the traditional sense, so let them adjust the prices accordingly.
  19. let me begin by setting the record strait.

    a dub = $20
    a dime = $10

    1/8 of weed for $50 is reasonable if it is dank.

    So yes, it can be true.
  20. it depends because a dub varies on size because a dub is referring to $20
    and an eighth is referring to size i.e 1/8 of an ounce.

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