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How Much is a Dose?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Dank~, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. I got 2 Marijuana pot cookies from the local dispensary they are like pretty small but very green and good looking.. and the back says each cookie has 1 dose so how much is 1 dose?
  2. 1 dose= 1 cookie

    eat it, and get high (i would eat both tho)
  3. With pot cookies, brownies, or any edible... I eat 2. Sometimes 2 is way too much, but its also very great. I would eat both of the cookies.

    report the results
  4. Idk but the ones i got from the dispensary were 2 grams and was labeled as 4 doses so .5g? I ate half and it worked out.
  5. If you dont know what the word dose means lay off the herb.

  6. whats it mean bro? i been smokin da bubba kush all day and PUre Kush dank shittt... and i get it from a los angeles cali dispensary bro, i got white widow and pure kush and trainwreck all in 14 grams ahaaha sooo dankkk fuckkkkkkkkk but i ate botht he cookies now and i smoked white widow 1 fat bowlin pipe and im getting fucked up ajhahahah and im might packa bowl of fuckinnngggggg trainwreckkk

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