how much is a box of tools worth about

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  1. cause i got one and im tryna sell them can someone gimme about an estimate?
  2. Well What specifically is in the box?
  3. "Box O tools" huh?? I herd dem wer goin fer round a million bux a pop!!!
  4. How big is the toolset, and what brand are they?
    You'll need to get a bit more specific
  5. hahahahhaha. Is it your box of tools? You don't fuck with a mans box of tools. Considering you don't even know how much it's worth, it makes me think it's not yours to be selling.
    It depends whats in the box and how big the box is. My friend bought a big ass tool box, I forget what they're called but it's a huge box with wheels under it. He paid $5000 even WITHOUT all the tools so it all depends what kind of box and what tools.
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    I once bought an entire set of magnetic screwdrivers from Walgreens for $10, so I hope you're not expecting a lot.

    Is your friend a mechanic? I have a friend who has the giant toolbox and all the tools and shit that he paid several grand for, and he's an auto major. Never seen under the age of 40 actually own a toolbox like that that isn't an auto major.

    Though you do make a good point about the ownership of the original toolbox.
  7. Yah sounds sketchy. Lol how much is a box of tools worth? lol like a 10inx12x8in box. or 6ft by 2ft by 7ft box. anywhere from $10 to 40,000?
  8. I think you should put them back where you got them.
  9. OP your dad is gonna beat your ass when he finds out you sold his tools. Never fuck with a mans tools or car.
  10. Just a guess but you probably stole the tools lmao
  11. Depends on what kind of tools, if they arent yours I suggest not selling them tho. :bongin:
  12. eBay! your friend and mine!
  13. Yes, my friend is an auto-mechanic. We all couldn't believe it when he bought an empty toolbox for $5,000, but he enjoys it.

    Either way the OP stole someones tools. It's the most common thing that addicts and thieves steal and re-sell. it's usually easier for young people to get into a garage than a house and it's profitable.
  14. You could have googled the price of what ever brand tools you have instead of making your self look like a dumb ass you know.
  15. Make sure you save a few socket pieces to make ghetto's with.
  16. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true.

  17. exactly...people just dont "come upon? a toolbox..and decide hey i think im gonna sell it
  18. How come all the sockets have black gooey tar that smells like resin inside of them?

    Have you been using the sockets as pipes?

    Value = 0.
  19. My friend across the street has one he got from his uncle for free and it's got like 90 fuckin' drawers on it and is almost as tall as him and probably weighs like 2000 - 3000 pounds and is damn near 5 grand full of tools, mostly wrenchs, big to the biggest sockets I've ever seen in my life, damn near ever screwdriver you can imagine and a ton more and he's going to college for auto dignostitioning haha

    I was like "so what's the point of this big toolset if you're going to dignoise cars"

    his response

    "Well I might need to fix em.."

    he's not a fuckin mecanic.. haha sorry, I am fuckin' stoned and it's 9:24 AM and I just called off work cause I'm too tired, so 2 days off here I come!
  20. You should never touch a man's tools brah, never. But I'd say it be worth about tree fitty.

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