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how much is 8gs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eddymeow, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey, i've only cheifed like 10-15 times but this will be my first time buying. Im getting 8gs, how much should it cost and how much does it look like? thanks
  2. I ussually get charged 20 a g for some good. 8 gs is a lot! a person needs about .3 -.5 to get high so youll be set for a long long time.
  3. 8 gs would cost me around 110. and just go on google and look up 1/4th of weed, 8 grams is one more gram than that.
  4. $40 on the dot.
  5. 8gs is over a quarter ounce if its really dense it should fill the bottom part of a sandwich baggie and if its fluffy it should fill the bottom and about 1/3 up
  6. Depending on your region the price will vary. Around here i guess maybe 130 for 8gs of good :smoke:
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    65$ God Bless Canada.
  8. Bring a scale. That's truly the only way to know. People who've been buying all sorts of different weight for years still can be at least a gram off when eye-balling. So, I'd advise you bring a scale or have dude weigh it out in front of you before buying. That's a gram over a quarter, though, so look up some 1/4 pick ups here and think that.

    Also, the pricing depends on area and quality. I live in Southern Maine, and we have medical marijuana here, so all my dealers either have cards and grow, or buy off people who have cards and grow. Thus, it's a little pricy, but the quality is always bonkers.

    Are you getting danks/heads, or is it mid grade? When you see it, look if it's got a lot of crystals (trichomes) on it, if it smells fresh and strongly, if it's colorful, and if it's fluffy. If it's hard, has a lot of stems, is dark, and doesn't smell strong, it's probably mids. Mids should only go for the most 5-10 per gram. If it's any more you're getting ripped off. Same with medical grade. It should go for 15-20 per gram, any more and you're getting ripped off.

    I get a quarter of mids for 45 bucks here, and a quarter of medical for 85. 8 grams is one more gram than a quarter, so those should be pretty accurate, but like I said, it's all about location.
  9. around $120-$130 if its dank.

    @treyisajedi311 8 Gs isnt that much, that will usually last me 2-3 days.
  10. Damn bro! 130 for 8 grams of goods!? Are Jersey prices that bonkers? The MOST someone can get away with selling 7 grams of goods here is 100, but it's usually closer to the 85-95 range. So, I'm guessing 8 g's would be from 90-110 dollars.
  11. yea that is ALOT of bud especially for first time buying. Whenever buying large amounts there is that risk of getting jumped ripped off or anything like that especially for first timers. But if you want to do this it depends on quality of weed mids cost around 10 g and good shit cost 20 g.. still would lower the amount of weed your buying ask for like a eightieth
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    An eightieth..? You realize an eightieth of an ounce is less than a gram..?
  13. thanks guys but its my best friends older brother so i dont wanna worry about getting mugged or anything. i was just curious about the price range.
  14. An eighth of an ounce is 3.5 grams.....
  15. In my honest opinion, dont buy that much until you have a steady connect. My first time buying i think i only bought like a dub at most.

  16. haha didnt mean eighteith i meant eighth spelling not so good :D

  17. 45$ :) God Bless Canada
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    If you know how to read, the words "eighth" and "eightieth" are spelt differently, and mean different things :D
  19. Oops my bad :smoke:
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    No worries, not a problem here because I'm fairly confident that most members are under the influence, and therefore don't notice certain things. I know when I'm baked I sure as Hell don't :p

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