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How much is 7gs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Gonjasaurus Rex, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. I just started smoking and found out a real good friend of my sells bud. He says he can toss me 7gs of some good shit for 30$ is this a good deal i mean im a little new to buy and could someone post a pic or something for me to know how much 7gs would look like.
  2. 7gs for 30? must be some mids

  3. Yea and thing is i dont mind starting cheap cause since ive only been smoking for a couple of weeks i haven't developed a tolerance at all. So really i can get high off any low shit.
  4. 7g for 30? where you at? thats for mids
  5. a quarter ounce is nice nice. If its good shits its even nicer. If its like a little less than half a ziploc bag and has orange hairs on it its good. Sounds like bullshit though, trust me.
  6. 7g for $30 is very good, assuming the stuff is smokeable!
  7. hell ya if its good bud. if your talking schwag then i dunno, havent messd wit the stuff in years.

    if its good light green buds, not compact brick stuff then yes, get you 60s worth an go flip that shit kid.

    also if u are new to smoking an enjoy it???!!!!! then invest in a digital scale, u can find them in headshops an some dollar stores. its a must if u continue to smoke an buy ur own stuff.
  8. I'd make the buy. Mids aren't that bad, especially not if you're new to smoking. Plus you'll be buying from a trusted friend.
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    Yea im in north Texas. And yea this guy has been a goody buddy of mine for a good 4+ years. He asked me he could do 2gs for 10, 4gs for 20, 7gs for 30, or 1o for 90. And why get 4gs when i could go another straight 10$ for almost double the amount of bud.
  10. he is selling you SHWAAGG. when he says "good shit" he means "good shwag" and good schwag is horrible weed. just horrible. but atleast it isn't bad shwag... bad shwag can cause seizures and in some rare cases death.

    i'm joking about the death and seizures thing but don't even take the weed bro it's deffintly some shit. atleast ask him to see it before you buy it. if you know what good weed looks like then take it but if you can tell it's shwag then tell him NAW THANKS BRA.
  11. you do know that a gram is a gram...regardless of where you are at in the world. so you don't need a pic to see how much that is...
  12. Sounds ok to me if you get the pickup post some pics
  13. mids arent bad man. im a big mids fan. im usually low on cash and id rather buy bunch of decent weed than a small amount of really good stuff.
  14. Make the buy. Sounds like some shiesty bud but it'll get you high and you'll have a ton.
  15. yeah dude ask to see the bud sounds like schwagg
  16. buy a scale trust me
  17. Ill ask him tommorow and repost hopefully its mids

  18. Think i could fine one at walmart for around 10$?
  19. 7gs of good reg are $30-35 but of some dank it's around $120-140
  20. im in N texas as well, and yeah a quarter of mids runs about 30 bucks or so.. bout a bill a zip...

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