How much is 1 gram of weed in ireland ?

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  1. So im new and i need a bit of help.
    How much 1 gram of weed will cost me in ireland? (i expect it to be like 10 euro)
    How many joints (mixed with tobacco) can i get from 1g ?
    Can I roll it with tobacco rolling paper ?
    how can i tell the quality? so i can know if im smoking crap or not
    Will i roll it with rolling tobacco filters or a roach?
    Which is actually better mix it with tobacco or smoke just weed?
    I got weed amount of my thumb nail, so how many joints can i get out of that (if any)
    Try answer quickly because i need to know everything before tomorrow when im smoking it. ;) thx

  2. need a picture to determin how much you have an do your have a buster/grinder?

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    Probably about a gram. Please don't roll spliffs; smoking tobacco with weed is the dirtiest habit I can imagine when it comes to weed. There's an amazingly bullshit thing going around the British Isles that only smoking weed with no tobacco "doesn't burn" or "doesn't last as long", "doesn't get you as high". It's 100% bullshit. The Americans have been smoking chronic for years.

    Check pictures of the internet for quality. Should be sticky, no mold, relatively large buds, if you're sold a bag of trimmings/loose baggage, don't purchase from that person again.

    If you must insist on smoking tobacco with weed (literally no reason to), use a roach. More tar = a good time.

    Weed amount of your thumbnail? Only way you're going to know how much weed you have is by weighing it.

    Thought I had to make another post because GC not saving posts is getting really fucking tiring.

    There's literally no reason to smoke tobacco with weed.

    1 gram should be about 10 euros.

    Probably 2-3 mid-size joints.

    Don't use white rolling paper. Go out and by some silver Rizzlas if there isn't a headshop near you.

    Quality of the weed is comparable to pictures on the internet. We won't be able to tell you.


    There's so much bullshit floating around in West Europe about smoking weed with tobacco. You don't save weed, because you'll still need to smoke as much as you initially were going to to get higher. Instead of one joint it'll take a spliff and a third of another etc. Weed burns PERFECTLY FINE without tobacco, please don't believe spliff smokers, they always seem to need to project.

    Only way to know how much weed you have is to weigh it.

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  4. thanks so much, really good answers. i wont mix it with tobacco, thanks for that advice.
  5. I dont have one... :\\ i just plan to do it with my fingers...
  6. Don't use your fingers cause your skin will absorb some of the thc. Put the bud in a cup and chop it up with scissors instead
  7. Your skin is not going to absorb any thc.. Just use your fingers and don't listen to this nimrod..^
  8. Hahaha fingers will absorb thc...dumbest post ever
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    Thank you so much. Such a good laugh
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    Lmfaoo dont listen to my last post i saw a thread asking if you can get high from absorbing thc through skin. But some of the keif does stick to your fingers but if you get a grinder you can collect the keif and after you have enough you can smoke it
  11. At least you're cool about it and admit when you're wrong. Respect for that.

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