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How much is 1 Gram of OG Kush cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BigSark, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. i live in michigan
  2. lol, dont pay more than 20/g for anything. just know that.
  3. You will probably end up paying somewhere around $20, give or take 5 depending on your dealer, pending that it is real OG Kush too.
  4. its a dime for me
  5. I wouldnt pay more then 10
  6. Didnt you already make a thread about this? haha.
    Like I said...1 gram of any dank should be no higher than $20
    unless it's Earth OG Kush that runs $35 a gram :eek:

    But since it's Michigan...it'd run you from $20-30 depending on the hookup
  7. 10$ in Mtl ;P

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  8. im Md i dont pay more than 20 and i try for only 15
  9. Any good weed will cost between 10-20 bucks a gram on average but it depends on the supply and demand in your specific area.  
  10. I would pay $20 for a gram of bud, dank, loud, weed, or OG Kush. 
    I don't listen to strain names unless I'm looking at beans or at a legit dispensary. 

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