How much i should trim my plants in flowering stage?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by malinak132, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Hi, I am wondering how much i should trim my plants. I am begginer so i am scared, that i could trim them too much. Thanks for evry suggestion.
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  2. trimming is for indoors
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  3. No need to trim.
    You can remove dead leaves though
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  4. You can trim or not trim. It's your preference. It all depends on what you want as a finished product. (and how much you like trimming the little shit)

    If you trim up the bottoms, say 1/3 up... leaving all leaf but taking the small "popcorn" (LARF) buds at the stem, you will have more chunk in your harvest overall. If you leave everything like the guys above are saying, you'll have a lot of that little, squishy, immature bud down low on the stem and well as up inside the plant that never fully develops. (that you can sell to them...LOL)'s all about personal preferences and what you want as a final product. If yer making can leave the LARF or take it (and use the big buds). If you are wanting bag appeal/etc...a trim will help focus the energy to the top of the plant and the bud size will be larger on average.

    I didn't trim last year and (two of us) spent 2 entire weeks...10 hours a day...trimming/bagging/freezing larf. This year we trimmed! (see avatar) IMO, they look 100 times better and most importantly, I'm not dreading the trimming.

    That look great BTW. Good luck on the finish
  5. What can happend?
  6. It's not really...
    I spoke you can argue it is because it is a choice but there are intelligent choices and silly ones.
    Trimming outdoors unless your plants tell you they need it is in me experience a silly one.
    We trim indoors because a plant grown in our supposed "perfect" environment grows far more branches and leaves then it can actually sustain healthily thru the whole life cycle, so we remove some of them to allow it to "fully" produce whats left.
    In an outdoor situation that doesn't happen so it's not at all necessary and will do nothing but hurt yields unless your doing a particular kind of training which is also totally unnecessary outdoors.
    They having a moving light source
    They have unlimited amounts of said source.
    They have the right temperature and the right air flow. It's a totally different game.
    Nothing mate it's just totally unnecessary and you will defo loose weight from it.

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  7. If you opened a solar farm would you hit your solar panels with a hammer? I doubt it. Then why take the plants solar panels from it?
  8. 10 degrees I don't think is that low personally considering that some people keep there day time around 20 - 21 degrees. Me included unless I run a hot strain so I don't think ull notice anything but maybe a few colours show that you were not expecting

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  9. Okay, cause tips on my plants are purple. How much yield(g), do you think i will have :)?
  10. Colour isn't relevant to yield and noone can guess mate. It down to the lights the nutes how well it's grown how far from the light source it is the medium u grow in the temp the air flow
    Until u get to the last few weeks of flowering not many people will be able to tell you yields.

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  11. Right on guys. You sound as if you are experienced outdoor folks...I'd love to see your outdoor (untrimmed) grows. Post 'em up. Let's see how your >>>experience<<< and advice plays out so malinak can make an informed decision.

    As is said...PICS or it never happened.

    A "trimmed" OD grow. (pic is 2 weeks old) Yes, some LARF weight has been lost. That's a good thing here.

    Either way....We think we might have enough weed (actually, this is all destined for hash) to get by for the year.

    Sorry for the hijack, malinak. Best of luck finishing up those girls however you decide to play. Everybody sees it differently, obviously.

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  12. I don't have any pics of external grows only my indoor ones. I have never taken them of the outdoor ones because of keeping the location secret there are many theifs here.

    Your plants look well mate how tall are they all they look round the 6ft range.

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    SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  13. Thanks. It's been a good run so far. They are all 3 ft to 6 ft depending on the strain (mostly) and pot size. (4-20 gallon containers) Last year I grew in 65 gallon smart pots (in untrimmed mode) so this is an experiment to see which approach seems to yield the best and be the easiest to care for. Gotta say I like the smaller (trimmed) pots/plants far better. (again, totally personal preference...just like trimming or not trimming).

    In the end, it should all be good cus we're growing the plant..yet...some folks still claim there's only one way to fly.
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  14. Looks it man.
    Some nice looking ladies there...
    I'm a little like you I only bought a massive tent so I could do 4 sets of 4 and use differing methods on each lady in each group so I've got a comparison for yield and potency etc.
    Same lights pots medium nutes temp air blah blah just differing ways to do it.
    I'm all about the learning I wanna be able to understand them better.
    I need some bigger pots for my next run. I've thought about doing this.
    1 under 600w big pot.
    2 under 600w smaller pots
    3 under 1 x 600w again smaller pots
    And then 4 under 1 x 600w in the 16l pots they're in now. (I use buckets for the fin round the top when I'm tying them down)

    I am under the impression one big plant trained properly could yield the same as the other 3 ways I suggested but I want to do some real investigations and experiments to see same as you what's better for trimming yield potency etc.

    Never tried smart pots maybe I should. I was thinking about the 5 gallon sacks next? Just makes it a bastard to tie down though...
    Indoor I prefer them short and wide but outside I've found the best thing is to pretty much leave them be apart from the obvious when ive trimmed them in the past I did 3 or 4 different types and they made so much less at the end that I never did it again.

    We all got our own methods man I wish I had a large garden that I could do it outdoors I'd have monsters in the garden lol

    SOUR DIESEL AND GHOST TRAIN HAZE before the gg4 crosses start to go in.
    SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!

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