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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jordan, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. I am contemplating growing. First I need to know if its worth it. So I have the following questions,

    1) How long does it usually take for a plant to grow. From the time I plant it to the time I am ready to harvest/dry it how long should I expect it to be?

    2) Typically, how much will each plant produce? After drying, how much 'good stuff' will I have from each plant. What is a typical range for beginners and what is a typical range for experts?

    3) Will hydro grow faster or slower? Will it produce more or less (in quanitity, not strength)?

    4) For a beginner, what percentage of my plants should I expect to grow wel, what percentage should I expect to mess up?

    5) How much time a day will I typically have to spend per plant in a n organic system, how much per plant for hydro?


  2. Good resource, but I cant find any amounts on how much and how long? Can you direct me to a more specific webpage?

    Thanks, Jordan
  3. With good genetics:
    @40 days vegitative, @50days flowering, @10days min. dry/cure

    use the "sea of green" method: many small plants instead of a few big ones.

    My highest yeild ever was 22 grams from a 16'' plant.
    Starting out you should expect 5 to 7 grams for a 16'' plant...
    Concentrate on getting good genetics in hand; if you are buying pot with seeds in it, they aren't worth growing. Getting good seed is the number one stumbling block for beginners. Worry about the other shit later-it all relies on the seeds/clones you are thinking about the end result instead of how to get started right. If you are going to risk jail, do it right...PEACE

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