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How much higher does hotboxing actually get you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGgarfield, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I've been thinking about this for ages, I'm just wondering if it really has that much effect. It obviously depends on the amount that's been smoked in the room but I can't say I ever notice that much of a difference. I've got an en-suite bathroom so I was wondering if its worth smoking in there instead of my room. To be honest my room gets pretty smoky anyway, whenever I smoke I put towels by the doors as rest of the family aren't keen on the smell being in the house.
    Going to smoke a blunt in my en-suite to try it out, will report back:smoking:
  2. Barely, there's hardly any thc released in the smoke you exhale, although that like 0.5% over the course of 2hours could make a slight difference, but really its just your environment, and being more comfortable which may make you feel higher, although in reality your not. Same as when people smoke a joint and are put in a situation where they dont feel comfortable and dont get high.
  3. I agree completely. Exhaled smoke isn't going to get you really any higher. Although people claim they will be twice as blazed if they hotbox. Which i don't understand.
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    I think it can get you a little higher if your roasting big joints that are releasing alot of un-inhaled smoke and not using bongs.

    Check this video out.... this guy hotboxes a limo with 20 grams of budder concentrate... WOW. You guys can't tell me you wouldn't get high off that. Budder is like $60-80 a gram!!!

    CRAZY 20 Gram BUDDER LIMO Hot Box!!!!!! - YouTube
  5. They were throwing it on there like it was nothing! Dope video!

  6. holy shit
  7. Holy Jesus, where do I get friends like them?
  8. I always thought about using the open bowl for my Arizer and vaping a fuckton of weed in a hotboxed closet. Would that work?
  9. the only effect would be placebo or lack of oxygen, otherwise almost all of the thc is absorbed into your lungs. Unless your smoking a fat blunt and the smoke that isnt inhaled burning from the cherry is enough to collectively build up in the car, the effect is negligible
  10. I find myself getting more uncomfortable rather than higher. I hate not having fresh oxygen. Breathing in dank stale smoke is just gross
  11. I agree. A lot of times I have to step out of the car if we smoke more than a few bowls because it gets uncomfortable
  12. Very

    "Are you really black"
  13. I'm a cig smoker so my lungs aren't particularly strong, its very apparent when
    i'm smoking with my friends that don't indulge with tobacco... A hotbox makes that even more apparent when my lungs can't get any fresh air even the slightest hit will have me coughing ergo not absorbing much thc in the first place.

    So no, doesn't get me higher.
  14. Everytime I do it.. I could out superrrr baked n then u open the doors n that cool air hits u in the face.. The best!
  15. Yea. There is no THC in the exhaled smoke and if there is its just a small amount. Open the window so u won't smell so suspicious later.

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