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How much herb would I need for a very small batch of brownies?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by JuniorGong831, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I'm wondering about how much herb would be needed to make about 9 brownies. It's a rather small pan which is about 3x3. I made some today and took a pic of the pan/brownies (attached). Can someone please help?! :) Thanks in advance.

  2. There isn't really a necesarry amount to use. You use however much you want to consume.
    Say you put in 9 grams of weed, and cut 9 brownies. Thats roughly 1 gram per brownie, so you can do your own personal math and figure out how much you want to consume with each brownie. Keep in mind tho, its a lot stronger than when you smoke it, most of the time for most people. ;)
  3. Thanks! I guess my real question was how much would be enough to get us pretty fly if 9 brownies were cut? 9 grams? 7?
  4. depends on your tolerance and how much you wanna put in the brownies.

    a gram a peice is still a gram a peice, regardless if the peice is an inch by an inch or if it's 5 inches by 7 inches
  5. I'd say .5g per brownie would result in you getting pretty high if you ate one brownie.
  6. Yeah I was thinking .5 grams a brownie too. Thanks for the help guys!! I'm suppper excited about making these this weekend (well, my wife is technically making them lol). Cheers! :bongin:
  7. if you're not making cannabutter I highly suggest you do. It takes roughly 3x the amount of weed that it takes to get you high smoking it, to get you high eating it. Do NOT let the butter burn, it needs to be above 180 degrees though. I had my slowcooker set on low with a good amount of water in it, and a lid on TIGHTLY (don't want the THC evaporating now do we????). I put half a pound of butter and 9 grams of bud, made 18 cookies and it took two cookies to get me good. And even then, it could've been more. Next time I think I'm going to use a full half (it was headies the first time, gonna do the same thing again). Mids provides a different high in brownies, so if you wanna try it GO FOR IT!!!

    but think, if it takes roughly .6-.7 maybe .8 to get you high of mids, you might need anywhere from 1.5-2.5g of mids in a serving to get you good. heads, cut it in half... potency, much clearer high, etc. Also keep in mind, I'd do it with mids first, it's cheaper if that matters. Good luck! Enjoy it

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