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How much herb do you usually buy at a time?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImmortalTosh, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. I usually buy an 1/8 to a quarter at once. 1/8's around here are 35. Lately I've been using these Marley papers that are fuckin' massive. You can easily roll an entire 1/8 into one. Those are some big spliffs.
  2. if its bud then a quarter usually

    or if its hash then i buy an ounce

    ounce of hash=45

    but i love the bud so much more.....finally gettin some bud tommorow after 2 weeks..
  3. I usually buy 1/8th at a time, sometimes a 1/4. An 1/8 will last me about a week if I smoke often, two weeks if I don't. Some buddies of mine go through like 1/8th a day, which is a crazy amount to me.

    But then again, I get BIG 1/8ths.
  4. i usually get an 1/8th but ive gotten a half once
  5. i usually buy grams
  6. I usually buy in dubs " 2.0g " or 1/8ths " 4.0 "

    1/8th's last me about 20 days

    dubs lasat me about 10 days.

    It's always dank so one bowl and im gone :D

    Just smoked a j and im buzzin!

    Happy thursday later!
  7. i buy danks by the 1/8... if im low on cash a go halves with one of my friends (we each pay 25) and i buy hash buy the gram or by the vial for oil.
  8. I buy as much as I can afford which is normally between a gram and an eigth, my dealers actually deal so i can get like an extra half gram for the same price its cool, not as dank as the shit you all smoke though
  9. I buy ounces at a time..
  10. I usually get a 1/4 but when I can get great weed cheap I'll get a 1/2
  11. I buy 1 or 1 1/2 ounces at a time. 1 month supply.
  12. lately, ive been gettin 8ths of 50's... (50 an 8th)
    its always great weed but i miss $50 quarters of green mids, lot more weed but not as nice.
    i used to be able to get $200 ounces fronted to me and that was always great shit, i could sell half of it to pay the guy back and have a nice big bag of trees
  13. ill usually get 1/8 for 40 but it will only last me about 3 - 4 days lol
  14. i usually get g's at a time, but i always like to get in when there's a big deal goin down, like 3-4 o's at a time. ill usually get 8th to a 1/4 if im in that.
  15. it really depends. i RARELY buy a big bag that i keep for a while. If i want to smoke, ill buy how much i want and smoke it. its easy to get around here, so its never a problem finding any.

    usually a 20$.
  16. 8ths always works out nice cause it's cheaper than buying by the gram and i don't usually have the cash to buy quarters.
  17. half zips, zips, qpers, or hps
  18. i get quads all the time jus to pay it safe in case Jake got me, unfortunately, in my state anything 14.5 grams or more is a f-e-l-o-n-y....cant fuc wit that :mad:
  19. i usually buy Os at a time, sell some to make my money back and i usually have quite a bit left for myself and my girl.
  20. i never buy a personal bag, but when i re-up i will get HP's of mid and QP's of dank.

    for each ounce of mids i sell, i get a free quarter.

    for each ounce of dank i sell, i get a free eighth.

    in my area, an HP of good mid-grade (few seeds, good smell, moisture still in the plant) is about 450 and a QP of dank is 1050.

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