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How much have you spent on tree

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jlemos13, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. how much do you think youve spent on weed, total, if you grow, how much do you think it would have costed
  2. What? I don't understand the question.

    I know i'm baked but still..
  3. $5k+ I've only been smoking for about 5 years though.
  4. I had a friend two years ago spend $2000 on weed and alcohol one spring break. that was a fun week.
  5. He's asking how much do you think you've spent so far on marijuana. And, if you had grown it all, how much it'd cost.

    Me personally? I've probably spent around $800-1000 on marijuana in the past few years.

    A friend of mine claims to have spent like $2-3000 in the past year on weed.

    Depends on what kind you're getting and the area.

    If you grew... You'd be paying for electricity? And some soil? And the seeds, if you buy them... Everything else is free bro! Lol, the joys of growing.

  6. Well if you look at just the weed itself ive prolly spent $800-$1000 in the past year, but if you bring in all the costs that go with it like munchies, gas money ( i drove 6000 miles this past summer and most of it was for cruising), pieces, eitc prolly $2000-$2500 in the past year. But all sooo worth it.
  7. about $800.
  8. Wow, you guys all seem like lightweights compared to how much i've spent... I have no idea how much i've spent but it is definately in the 10's of thousands... literally
  9. lol i dont knwo how to take that seriously or nto. i guess it matters how old u are, but if u r serious im nto sure if its cool that u spent that much or really pathetic, i dont mean to make fun of u but like 10s of thiousands is jsut a bit rediculise
  10. Oh my, alot.
  11. it's ridiculous that you cant spell ridiculous
  12. Bought = approx. $4,000.00 (mostly in mids, maybe some dank every now and then)
    Grew = approx. $500.00 (but most of my grows have been from bagseed)

    It's really hard to place and exact amount, since price varies heavily from location to location. At least around these parts the numbers seem correct.
  13. Ive been smoking for about 3 years now, 1 year light, then 2 years of just straight toking. Like massive, so in all those days i blazed, damn i dont know deffintly 5k+, pretty sad when you think about it. But all those good times ive had, i mean think about it, the memories you have just from toking with some freinds, would i trade those memories in for the money back. HELL NO.

    Much love, keep toking
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    Well considering I have been smoking for 6 years now. Each month I spent about $300 on an ounce of top quality buds (that's a gram a day). So multiply that by 12 for the months in a year and then 6 for the years i've been smoking.... 3,600 x 6 = $18,000.

    That's not that pathetic...
  15. That aint ridiculous at all. Think about how much weed costs dude. guaranteed If I paid for my weed it would be in tens of thousands. guaranteed I have smoked more than a couple lbs in my life.
  16. 10k$ easily. thats probably on the low side, atleast 5 pounds at about 1800-2000 per pound. Not to mention 2000$ for a pound of shrooms. And alot of these dudes postin large amounts, isnt money spent--im sure they atleast break even in the long run.
  17. Yea honestly $10k doesnt seem hard to believe at all. I"m coming up on tenn years and 5 of those were in high school, where i moved it to smoke it, and i saw that money. just saw it though its still gotta go to someone else:p. so yes I would definatly say I'm in the tens of thousands considering i smoke an ounce a week.

  18. How is it really that ridiculous? Think of someone who smokes an ounce a week at 250 an ounce. 52 X 250 = $13, 000 per year. Also, most people don't buy the same amount( i.e. not everyone gets an ounce every time they see their dealer) consistently
  19. just under $1,000 since september '08
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    Eh it's beena shockinginly stupid amount that I could have bought a lot with and made my money back with and also could have easily set up a grow room...

    About £5000 in the past 8 months or so :eek:

    EDIT: I've been smoking for about 7 years though, abut 5 regularly, but I definately spent the most in the last year.

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