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How much have you smoked, total?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pyrokwah, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. If you can, I'm interested in how much people have smoked versus how long they've been smokers. I've been a smoker for over a year now, but due to availibility, smoked probably 4-5 grams in my entire life.

    What about you?
  2. brb lemme check
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  3. ive been smokin since i was 14 or so.... so that means ive got ten plus years under my belt.... so i wud say pounds upon pounds.... an eight lasts me almost 2 days. i try to stay medicated every wakin hour so thats alotta weed
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  4. Ive been smoking for a few years now and would say probably about about half a pound.
  5. A question that has lingered in my thoughts also. I've been smoking for about 1 year and a half, and I smoke about a gram in 2 days due to me being broke, so I smoked quite a bit over the year.
  6. If I had to guess, probably a 1/4 pound or less during my teens. half ounce or less in my 20's......

    I just started smoking again this year, an 1/8 will last me 2+ months.
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    Well lemme check my tally....



    Ah fuck...
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  8. Well during the last year (which is when I really got into smoking) I was smoking about 3/4 an ounce a month. So thats about 21 grams X 12 = = 252 grams = 8.8 ounces = 0.55 pounds

    The years before that I have no clue though haha
  9. been smoking for a year but well over a couple pounds I'd say. though for the first couple months all i had was schwagg hook up so i got a lot there for cheap.
  10.'s been 32 consumption has gone up and guess would be 50-100 pounds, not counting hash, hash oil, and edibles.
  11. no more than 10g
  12. 12 ounces to a pound.
  13. Prolly like 3 ounces in a year of light/moderate use with friends and personally
  14. I started smoking 3.5 years ago, took a year off until about a month ago. I wouldn't even be able to make a knowledgable guess at how many times I've smoked. I'd say I've smoked my fair share of pounds of weed as well :smoke:.
  15. Lots. Lots and lots of pot.

  16. a lot of good times i bet

    I've been smoking for about 5 years.. since freshman in high school i have smoked a lot on and off i would guess a few pounds worth.. probably more cause i smoke mostly blunts and bong.

  17. 16, but close.

    Only 8 ounces in multiple years??

    I started smoking a year and a half ago, I'd say I've probably smoked around a pound. Maybe a couple ounces more.
  18. I went with 2 grams per day as a low estimate which would be a little over 50, but there were so many periods in my life when I smoked up to a half ounce or more in a day, mostly when I was younger, that I'm not sure at all so yeah it was just an educated guess.
  19. exactly 8.2456 ounces. I love having a dankulator
  20. best guess is maybe an ounce (ive only been tokeing regularly now since january or february)

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