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How much hash would this yield?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by far east stoner, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Basically here it is I recently got a Half P of Reggie. So my buddy and I decided to make some hash, but he doesn't want too waste the bud so how much hash would a Half pound of Reggie make. Were using the qwiso method btw
  2. hard to say. youd have a much better yeild and higher quality product if you made bho though instead of iso.
  3. Interesting, so would doing BHO give a higher yield?
  4. bubble or qwiso would probably be the highest yield but bho will be more quality which is way more worth it
  5. If you want, you could turn that half pound of reggie into cannabutter/cannaoil. Than you can make lots of edibles :)
  6. Don't use a half pound on something you are not sure about. At least portion it out so that if you mess up it's not a gigantic crap shoot.
  7. Theoretically, you could make almost an entire ounce.

    I've found I get a 1:7 ratio on hash/bud. I've always used dank though, so I can't speak for the weight of oil from mids. Every Q I use I get around .8g BHO.

    I won't even fool around with QWISO. It takes forever, it doesn't burn as cleanly, and it doesn't taste as good.
  8. youd probably fill 4 kief trays easy
  9. Don't make just one thing, make some qwiso, bho edibles or whatever
  10. Lol at not wanting to waste the bud. Reggie isn't even bud, shits nasty. Turn it all into wax
  11. it's a waste if it could be made into something worthwhile (i.e bho or a type of hash)
  12. Pictures when finished please.

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