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How much hash gets you buzzed?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by burnt toast, May 7, 2011.

  1. I ate a cookie that had half a gram of hash in it and I had the most intense body high. It was almost too intense. I think edibles made with a quarter gram of hash are more my style. Baked goods are bomb, but nothing tops a nice milky bong hit, in my opinion.

    I just thought of something else -- when you pick up edibles from the dispensary, ones that say how much hash they contain, do those amounts refer to the batch or the individual edible? Is there actually .5g of hash in the brownie or just in the batch of 20 brownies?
  2. Per Brownie. They put in a SHIT TON of hash oil and then however brownies they get they divide that by the amount of brownies actually made.

    so lets say they put 20G of hash in.

    and they made 20 brownies.

    20G DIVIDED BY 20B = 1G of hash per Brownie. Voila

    THE BROSKY:smoke:
  3. I like half a gram in an eddible at home or with friends.. 1/4 if I am out and about and want to fully function x

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