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How much hash can I get from shake?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ryusuke, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Good day

    I have ounces and ounces of shake (not cuttings, not trim not bud, but shake) and I'm considering using bubble bags to yield some hash out of this.
    Now while this shake is pretty shaky, it is smokable. I feel the zen of Buddha after smoking .5 rolled in a spliff.

    taken with flash

    full ounce

    so yeah how much hash can I expect get from an ounce of this stuff using bubble bags?
  2. Mainly depends on the trics, nice and sugary and you'll get a good amount, but green and leafy you'll do better with iso (my prefered method).
  3. Depends, but looks like you'll get a descent amount with how much shake you have.
  4. dont expect a huge amount but you will get a decent cant really say how much because that varys alot
  5. can somebody estimate so I have a general idea ?
  6. never did that much shake, i did 40 grams of stems, mostly little picked off shit, not like big stalks from grows. i got about 3 grams.... was good shit though. did with 91% ISO method, frozen stems and ISO was kept in freezer too.

    dont expect too much, 10-15% yield?
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    No way to estimate really, return depends on material and methods used. IMO you should make a tincture or some infused coconut oil and save yourself from some shitty burning bubble hash
  8. how do iso and bubble methods compare??
  9. Coffee grinder and a oven then you are good to go.
  10. They are very different methods, one is chemical extraction while bubble hash is a mechanical extraction and does not reomve anything from the inside of the plant matter like the chlorophyll that isopropyl alcohol will take out if let sit more then seconds. 120 micron bubble and well made quick wash iso (QWISO) can be dabbed. In my opinion the best thing you could do with it is make BHO, it seems to get the highest percent of THC (lower start up cost then then bubble) and have the best burn (and is always good for dabbing if you are into that). All are legitimate methods that will give varying yields and strengths (partially depending on method used). If you go with iso make sure to do qwiso if you want a better product. there are tutorials that can be found here and numerous other places for all 3.

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