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How much has the War on Drugs Cost in TOTAL?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Herb Pheonix, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Ive been doing some research.. cause im gunna make signs and stand out on some corners and TRY to inform atleast 1 person of the War on Drugs and its Epic Failure..


    Ive been having trouble finding a TOTAL for the War on drugs.. They have a clock for the Annual cost..

    Drug War Cost Clock updated for 2011

    But no Total..

    Heres our National Debt..

    U.S. National Debt Clock

    at a growth of 3.98 Billion dollars a day o_O

    This LA Times article from 2008 said the War on Drugs had a Total cost of 2.5 Trillion...

    This is the U.S. on drugs - Los Angeles Times

    But that was in 2008...

    Some Fun Facts

    The Vietnam War Cost the US 133 Billion Dollars and Lasted 16 years

    How much did the Vietnam War cost

    How Long Did The Vietnam War Last

    In Todays Currency WWII Cost 2091.3 Billion Dollars and lasted 6 Years

    World War 2 Timeline 1939-1945 - Worldwar-2.net

    How much did World War 2 cost in today's dollars

    Richard Nixons War on Drugs costs 50+ Billion dollars a year and is in the Trillions in Total and has lasted 40 Years

    Richard Nixon's War on Drugs: Happy Anniversary! Candlelight Vigil Marks the Occasion - Los Angeles News - The Informer

    Drug War Cost Clock updated for 2011

    So ya..

    Anyone got the Total Amount that the War on Drugs has cost?
  2. I don't have any idea on the amount, but I like what your planning on doing here, and will be keeping an eye in this thread :smoke: (ill take a look for a total $ as well) keep it up man.
  3. We spend way to much. The U.S. Gov doesn't care about citizens, they care about themselves.

  4. The War on Drugs is a business..

    A horrible, Expensive business..


    Thank the Founder. :rolleyes:
  5. You can't ever quantify a total cost, because there are things that can't be calculated exactly. Things that most people don't even think about.

    For example, take all of the people locked up for marijuana violations. Not only do they cost the state a certain amount of money to be locked up, but assuming they had jobs when they were arrested, they certainly aren't working them anymore. They're not working, so they aren't paying income taxes. That's another hit for the state. Then when you think about it, what do people do with money? They buy shit. When you buy shit, the state gets a cut of it: sales tax. They aren't participating in this either. And by buying shit, you support businesses, which pay other sorts of taxes as well, besides sales taxes. We're talking about maybe a couple dollars a day here. But multiply that by tens of thousands of people, and multiply that by several years, and the loss is significant.

    And then there are smaller things, like not being able to register your car if you're locked up. That's about a $50-$100 loss to the state, per person. And you can't buy gas, which is a little different from the sales and business tax issue, because gas includes a tax to help improve and maintain the roads. Which means the state itself has to shell out more money to fix roads.

    If you start looking hard enough at all them money the government funnels out of individuals, that they can't when they're locked up, the cost per year becomes truly phenomenal and unquantifiable.

  6. If they have an Annual Expenditure on the War on Drugs why shouldnt they have at least.. a rough total?

    I mean i guess i could go year by year and add it up.. thatll be interesting..

    But ya The Private Prison system.. I shake my head when im reminded that there are people who Profit ENORMOUSLY from Non-Violent Drug Offenders getting crazy sentences..

    Its just.. just fucking crazy. Free Country my Ass.
  7. 20 million americans in jail since 1965.

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