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HOW much gram in 1 goli of hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sambha, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. HOW much gram in 1 goli of hash?1goli=?grams of hash
    i get 1 goli hash for around 50cents

    i want to buy manali cream which is expensive so want to know how much does the general stuff he sells for cost/gm or /tola

    i'll attach a pic for better idea

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  2. What's a goli :confused:

    And the purpose of providing a picture is pointless if there's not a "universal" object for us to compare the size of your "goli" with. :smoking:
  3. Aha I think goli is the brown/punjabi term for pill.

  4. If that's the case... that would translate to "how much is one pill of hash ?"

    That can be anything, depends on the person who made that..But can you put hash in a pill?

    OP get yo ass back in the thread and clarify ;) :smoke:
  5. im so confused is OP from africa or something
  6. no idea what op is talking about .

    but , I can't really tell how large that piece of hash is , you need to put something next to it for comparison .

    but I'd say that looks like about half a gram , maybe a gram but I can't tell very well .

  7. :laughing: :smoking: :laughing:
  8. i think its on lined paper. looks like a small cube. id guess maybe .25 grams.
  9. That looks like .25-.5 g's. Not a bad deal for $.50 :smoke:
  10. Looks like a bite size brownie...

    From what I can remember a tola is around a half ounce and they are around $50-$100

    So if you're getting a goli for 50 cents, I'd say it's a little less than half a gram.
  11. A gram is about the size of a Bovril cube, if that is any help:) (and, from some unscrupulous sellers, IS a Bovril cube, so beefy smelling hash is out;))
  12. OP is obviously from the middle east or northern africa or some shit.

    he is possibly a pirate this means.
  13. [ame][/ame]
  14. the question then is college or wide ruled LOL. but man looks like maybe .25 to half a gram great deal, smoke it up.

  15. duh...the reference object for size is the standard ruled line sheets on which it is kept

  16. goli means pill
    but here hash(sold in goli) doesnt mean it is packed in a pill,rather it has a shape and size of a pill(some are round) hence...called goli

  17. standard college ruled sheets
  18. OP is from India. Manala Cream is the famous hand-rubbed charas or hash we get straight from the Himalayas.

    Furthermore, a "tola" is 10 g's and usually for top-quality hash costs $20-40

    @OP: looks like a decent chunk for 50 cents. If it smokes good I'd go back and buy atleast $10-20 worth :smoke:
  19. good potent high for 2hrs then i felt very sleepy

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  20. Looks like OP got some decent hash then

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