How much further until harvest??? ( also what strain?)

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  1. Does anyone have a rough estimate on how much further I should wait to harvest them...
    Due to the flash on the phone it did make them seem alot whiter/brighter in colour... There are more red pistils then the photos show if you look hard enough, just the little popcorn ones down the base of the plant have mostly white pistils. Cheers my dudes :p
    Also if someone is could with identifying strains if they could pass on some info as to what I actually even have lol

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  2. looks good but really small and it is almost impossible to know the strain just from looking at the plant idk y ppl always think that.
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  3. The strain you are growing is Jack Herer. I can tell by the way it grew. I mean, c'mon, it's only obvious......
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  4. more like jock horror,lol
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  5. You have to trich your buds with a loupe to know when to harvest
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  6. Yeah she's only tiny but it was a first time experiment haha.. Yeah I assumed but didnt know if people could tell or not. How long until harvest do you think?
  7. I'm a first timer mate, but thanks for that. Jack Herer is how you spell it? I'll look her up
  8. So you 100% need a loupe? Like I can't go just off the pistils?
  9. You can do the " are my trichs clear or milky? how much amber?" basically:
    clear = wait
    milky= (some people harvest here or do 2-6 days no light)
    Milky and amber = harvest ( also 2-6 days no light )
  10. Didn't I just read you giving "advice" to someone in another thread? Jeez you do not even know what you are doing, slightly. Do not spread your misinformation around like you do.
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  11. So I definitely need a magnifying tool to tell when to harvest?
    Also what do you mean by the "or do 2 - 6 days no light" ?? Like put the plant inside for that long then harvest it or?
  12. I gave him advice because it was very clear and he gave a description of it too. I'm just curious whether or not I can harvest these yet. I know what do look for etc i just dont have a magnifying tool. So get your facts straight buddy
  13. I have my facts straight. Look at that horrible looking plant you grew. Nobody wants tips from you
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  14. Depending on the person, some people put it in pure darkness for 2 days all the way up to 6 days. 3-4 is usual.

    There's apps on android that have a huge zoom macro. Works well I'd say.

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  15. Thank you sir! I will go through some apps and see what there is available, better than nothing too I suppose!

    Okay, and what does this do exactly? Speed up the process of the trichomes?
  16. Considering it was nearly completely destroyed from a dog chewing it to pieces, I think she's done a good job fighting back
  17. Well, from what I've heard, it causes the plant to go into a "panic mode" where it uses large amounts of THC to create seeds but with no male pollen present, the THC then goes into making nugs denser and more full.

    People swear by this method and in 4 weeks I'll be trying it myself for 4 days with a pure dark check up

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  18. Well I've had them in darkness a lot more lately and am going to try it for 2 - 3 days then go for the harvest I think, these were some shots I got with a magnifying app not long ago

    Do you have any advice on harvesting itself? First time grow you see
  19. Bit better shots

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  20. LMFAO, NO, Just NO. learn basic botany, forget stoner BS Tricks
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