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How much from the dispensary can you buy?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by happyganja, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. This is a stupid question, but I got my card yesterday and I joined a dispensary. I bought a g, and, well, I kinda smoked all of it already. Haha, since it's like a "prescription" are you limited to what you can buy at a time? I live in so cal by the way.
  2. Depends on what state you're in, but here in CO it's 2 oz's can be in your posession. Ask the people at the disp and I can guarantee they'll know.
  3. For Shame on your doctor for not explaining the law to you.

    I dont know about Cali, but in Montana its an ounce. Im sure Cali has some sort of restriction, but I dont know.

    I bet your dispensary knows....
  4. i can purchase 2 ounces a day here in CO.
  5. Every state and every club will have a different cap. Please though, only purchase as much as you need, if you buy more for other people that aren't patients, that's diversion and that's illegal.

  6. I thought it was one ounce a day?
  7. the dispensaries in sacramento keep telling me they were told that they cant sell more then a qp to each patient a day.

    most dispensaries sell grams to ounces. if you buy more you get a little better deal but like wildwill said, dont get more then you need. the more you have the quicker you smoke it i find.

    i buy 1/8ths and 1/4ths because usually its alot cheaper $/bud ratio then the gram prices
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    8 oz. is the legal possession limit in California w/ a Dr. rec., but your Dr can rec more in specific circumstances.
    Word to the wise; becareful in this real gray area.
  9. Thanks everyone. I was not planning on buying it for my buddies. I was just curious.
  10. this guy...

  11. lmao is that sufficient?
  12. is that a two ounce cap on dried product, excluding oils and edibles?


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