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How much for stuff in your area?

Discussion in 'General' started by HokieFan09, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Where is everyone from and how much does pot cost by you? i find where I am, it seems extremely expensive...

    gram - $20
    8th - $50
    ounce - $275
  2. For dank:
  3. Use the search button cause there are already a lot of posts like this. For me if it's top quality dank I get it for $50 an 1/8 which is kind of expensive but oh well. I live in SC.
  4. Wow, when you pay prices like that, you should have a smoke and ask your dealer to call you the next day.
  5. ^lol...

    well all the canadians know we get it cheap no matter what...


    and even then i would say ppl get it cheaper, i just dont have consistent hookups rite now lol...
  6. Well here I live in Australia, there is nothing but schwagg.. and if you're REALLY REALLY lucky, you'll get some low-end mids. These prices are in AUD:

    $25 / a gram
    $50 / for a 50.. that's about 3-4 grams.. Is that an 8th?
    $80 / quarter
    $150-160 / half
    $300-350 / oz
  7. Yay the weekly price thread. I think there should just be a sticky then people can stop making new ones.

    You pay a lot for bud.
  8. damn those prices are steep, MO_.

    the prices for dank in the bay area(CA) are:
  9. used to be for high mids:

    5 a gram
    20 a 8th
    40 a quarter
    120 for a full ounce (i know a big discount when you buy a full ounce)

    now its schwagg garbage that they try to sell me for 10 a gram. HA! ill stay sober, thanks.
  10. OUCH! that makes me
  11. for mids

    5 for a gram
    10 for 3 grams
    15 for 4 grams
    20 for 6 grams
    25 for 8 grams <----last time i told the guy i wanted 25 he gave me 13.5 grams for some reason but im not bout to complain

  12. yea thats what I get it for around here.
  13. in ohio i pay

    gram - 20$
    8th - 30$
    quarter - 50$
    ounce - as low as 100$ and as high as 350$

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