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How much for a zip?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by SlightlyStoned, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. just wondering, how much do you guys pay for an O in your area? the real fire stuff, not mids or regs.
  2. $350 for fire! :smoke:
  3. 320 for the fire
    280 for the regular shit
  4. 300-400
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    use the search button

    edit- iill be nice. $200-275.
  6. between 350 and 425 depends on the time of year
  7. 240 for the bombest
  8. $120 - $160 for me.
  9. abt 200 for good shit in phili, how much do u guys pay for pills like vics...
  10. $350 for an O of Fire.
  11. dank - $230-$240
    exotic - $460-$480
  12. i live in Texas DFW area
    150 for reggie (Mexican brick or old mids)
    300 for mids (outdoor Arkasas stuff)
    450 for fire (local homegrown or Cali grown)
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    i live in south china and i grow most of mine but ive seen prices like this before
    regular (old mids or brick weed) is 60$
    mid (mid grade weed from hunan) 120$
    dank ( tibetan or high grade weed from hunan/sichuan) $180
    exotic ( tibetan special strain kush or exotic bhudda plant) $260
    fire ( foreign/imported weed like afghan kush of white widow) $350-450 depending on type
    by the way this is in usd
    irrelevant side comment
    to be honest tho i use exotic grade and it is just as good as fire. they are just more expensive cuz the plant/seed has to be imported somehow or grown specially (chinese weed is relatively easy to grow) and has a brand name.

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