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How much for a zip of AK47

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by P to the enguin, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. How much would you all pay for an O of AK47?

    I live in east Tennessee.

    post where you live along with prices.

  2. 325-375
  3. in ny it would be like 375-400+ depending on where and how dank...
  4. okay.

    so if i have paid 60 for an eighth of AK, how much would the ounce be considering bulk discounts?
  5. Hey I live in Washington and got a zip for 320 was pretty dank :)
  6. 320-350
    club prices, not amazing, not terrible, they do ok for me
  7. Prolly 450-475
  8. South Dakota...350
  9. Here it'll probably run you $450.
  10. I stay In Tn I usually see it for 500 to 575
  11. 350-400 michigan
  12. Jesus you guys are paying almost 500 for a zip? Even if its AK47, man thats steep.

    Maybe its cuz i'm near Vancouver B.C, biggest pothead city ever, but i'm getting really good weed for 200 an Oz.

    Not sure what strain is it, but its a very sativa type smoke. I dunno im just lucky i guess.
  13. I recently got some it is here below, it isnt the best picture.
    I got a ounce from a friend for 240.
    I live in TX. Also in the picture is a nice bud,A bag of small nugs and
    Hash pressed from the oz of AK47
  14. East TN is around 425-450 for an O of ak
  15. wow if i had to pay the prices you guys have too, i probably wouldn't smoke weed!

    any weed you can imagine down where i live goes for 180-240 an ounce for 240 is steap and is "Considered fulll charge" for the best possible weed, such as fiireee.

    But I never pay full for even the best weed, just picked up a half zip of sour deisel for 120$ VERY steep from what I usually pay, I could have picked up an OZ for like 210-220.
    He also gave me 15 grams in my half lol!
  16. Isn't $120 multiplied by 2 equal to $240? So that means you save $20 for an oz versus buying a half oz. So how is that VERY steap? Lol
    Sorry I kinda laugh at high school kids.

  17. And where is "down here where you live". Would like to know where you are seeing those prices? Either way, great deal and enjoy! :hello:
  18. 270 or 300...

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